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Points are activated for the application of anticovid reinforcements in Guárico

In Guárico state, about 16 mass immunization points were activated and equipped to begin the application of anticovid reinforcements in the 15 municipalities of the Llanera entity, a day that during the first phase they estimate to serve more than 19 thousand 560 health workers of the first rank of both the public and private sectors.

According to the report issued through the Regional Health Directorate, of these centers only 3 were trained for the application of the Russian Sputnik vaccine, these being: Regional Health Directorate located in San Juan de los Morros, Roscio municipality; Social Development Headquarters in Valle de la Pascua, Infante municipality; and the Trade Union House in Calabozo, Miranda municipality.

In the same way, at these points they will be applying the other doses both China (Sinopharm) and the Cuban (Abdala), to progressively serve the citizens who deserve these respective vaccines.

In the rest of the municipalities the spaces of a Mission Base were enabled; three Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers; 5 Popular Medical Offices; Francisco Antonio Risquez Hospital; a public square, a school and a market, which are adapted to the scenarios and accesses in each jurisdiction.

However, the regional health authorities stated that in these posts, they also have supplies to apply the first dose to those who have not yet been immunized, as well as the second dose.

In relation to the progress made by the immunization program against covid-XNUMX, it was known that the Guárico state has exceeded the goal of XNUMX% with the vaccination of XNUMX thousand XNUMX inhabitants in the plains territory through special days carried out in surrounding areas in addition to the massive points and approaches in public spaces.