"A Drop of Love for my School" started in 15 schools in Trujillo

They delivered paint, light bulbs, plastic cement, steel sheets, among others.

In Trujillo state, about 15 educational institutions have received the necessary materials to start the plan "A Drop of Love for my School 2021-2022", as part of the preparation for the new school year.

The head of the Trujillo State Educational Zone Lirosbeya Torres said that among the schools that have received this endowment are: the Monseñor Arias Blanco School, Julio Sánchez Vivas School, Rafael Rangel School, Manuel María Carrasquero School, La Llanada School of the San Rafael municipality from Carvajal, also the Escuela Bolivariana Plata III of the Valera municipality; the Cuatro Bocas Bolivarian School in Andrés Bello, the Guamas de Monay Bolivarian School in Candelaria and the Francisco Sales Pérez Bolivarian School in the Pampán municipality.

He indicated that in the Trujillo municipality (capital) the Barbarita de la Torre School, the Monseñor Estanislao Carrillo Bolivarian High School, the Pedro Carrillo Márquez Bolivarian High School and the Mario Briceño Iragorry Educational Unit received various materials.

Among the implements granted by the Foundation for School Buildings and Endowments (Fede) are asphalt blanket, enamel paint, light bulbs, plastic cement, steel sheets, among others.

Voluntary work

On the other hand, Torres referred to the voluntary work that the directive, teaching, administrative and worker personnel have been executing with the support of the communal councils, Bolivarian Militia, Moral y Luces gang, Ubch, parents and representatives in the cleaning and weeding of various educational institutions.

Among them, he mentioned the Monseñor Arias Blanco School in the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality, where the green areas, main façade, court, walkways, stage and the Kindergarten spaces were recovered.

He also pointed out that the Robinson Mission together with the Guerreros de Mukatan commune provided support for the weeding of the Manuela Sáenz School in the El Baño parish in the Motatán municipality. He added that in the María Antonia Bolívar School the organized popular power is recovering the spaces for a "safe return to class."

“In Trujillo we are making progress with the cleaning, weeding and rehabilitation of educational institutions; as well as in the arrangement of the tables and chairs ”, stated Torres. 

Finally, the head of the Educational Zone thanked the Infrastructure Directorate, the Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor and Fede for what will be the next inauguration of five new educational institutions for the state of Trujillo.

They carry out the cleaning and weeding of various educational institutions.


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