72 new comprehensive community doctors graduate in Yaracuy

Minister Carlos Alvarado delivered the MIC titles

The University of Health Sciences (UCS) "Hugo Chávez" this Friday delivered in San Felipe, Yaracuy, the university degrees to 72 new comprehensive community doctors (MIC) graduated from the entity, in addition to the postgraduate certifications to 28 specialists in Comprehensive General Medicine.

This is the ninth class of MIC that graduates in Yaracuy, with which the number of health professionals graduated in the state increases to a little over 1.500 in the entity.

The Minister of Health and rector of UCS, Carlos Alvarado, personally delivered the university degrees in an act by the Secretariat that was held at the Henrique Tirado Reyes de San Felipe convention center.

He said that at the national level this year 3.200 MIC graduated who joined the national health system and joined the battle against covid-19 throughout the country, the vast majority of whom already work in healthcare centers of the public network of Health.

With this new promotion, the number of comprehensive community physicians graduated nationwide rises to more than 28.000
since 2005 when the program was created at the initiative of commanders Hugo Chávez Frías and Fidel Castro, then presidents of Venezuela and Cuba, respectively.

“It is important to remember that studying Medicine was a privilege that was previously confined exclusively to the middle class, it was very rare to see a young man from the popular sectors doing a degree. This situation changed with the Bolivarian Revolution and today we see how young people nominated by the communities themselves graduate as doctors and return to their neighborhoods to take health ”, Alvarado stressed.

The recently graduated doctors received their university degrees and also a Canaima tablet for them to use in the fulfillment of their work. All the graduates are already located in the health centers of their municipalities even before they have finished their studies.