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60 homes affected by the rains in Lara

The effects left by the rains occurred in six parishes of four municipalities of the entity

Tropical wave 37 that became hurricane Fiona affected families and productive land in the municipalities of Iribarren (Barquisimeto), Pedro León Torres (Carora), Urdaneta (Siquisique) and Jiménez (Quibor) in Lara state.

The G/D Martin Maldonado, Secretary of Citizen Security of the Lara State Government, specified the consequences of the aforementioned trough, in a report made this Wednesday, September 21.

Specifying that "the Risk Management and Citizen Security bodies are very active in dealing with the incidents that occurred on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, due to the effects of tropical wave 37 that became Hurricane Fiona."

Next, he stressed that the attention to families was taking place in "the Iribarren, Torres, Urdaneta and Jiménez municipalities, where there were incidents and 60 homes were affected."

Regarding the number of damaged homes, he indicated that they are distributed in six 6 parishes of the aforementioned municipal jurisdictions.

Of which, only four have lost belongings, for which he assured "we are deployed, giving them the attention that these families deserve."

Las Cocuizas collapsed due to the rains

Las Cocuizas is the name of a ravine located on the road to Montaña Verde where approximately 980 families live in the municipality of Pedro León Torres (Carora).

Luis Mujica, state director of Civil Protection, explained that in the Matejey sector there was a strong displacement of rainwater that collapsed a sewer causing the collapse of the communication route between the Las Cocuizas, Cerro La Esperanza and other sectors.

This September 21, the damage assessments continued, as well as the work of the crews of the Lara State Road Institute (Invilara), in order to restore the passage of vehicles and motorcycles.

Mujica also reported on the inspections carried out on some houses, made of artisan material, which succumbed in part due to the rains that fell 24 hours ago.

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