6 million young people participated in the Bicentennial Vacation Plan

More than 6 million children and adolescents were attended in the 13th edition of the 2021 Bicentennial National Community Vacation Plan in the state of La Guaira, whose official closure was in charge of the Sectorial Vice President for Social and Territorial Socialism, Melvin Maldonado.

From the Brisas de Maiquetía urban planning, Urimare parish, Maldonado, offered details of the culmination of this activity, “we are very happy making the national closure of this plan that includes 23 states and Caracas, 335 municipalities, 3.500 communes that have been developing since on August 22 and ended this Sunday, September 19, "he reported on the state channel VTV.

“This plan was approved by President Nicolás Maduro, who has given continuity to the recreation policy devised by Commander Hugo Chávez, abiding by the constitutional mandate and the Recreation Law that has just been reformed, and in the context of the Table of Living Well, where institutions at the national, regional, municipal level and the Popular Power participate to develop the recreation policy, ”said Maldonado.

He clarified that "during this stage it has been possible to serve more than six million boys, girls, young people and the elderly, with whom sports, recreational, cultural, ecological, tourist activities were developed for the enjoyment of the family, but above all maintaining biosafety measures ”.

Next, the vice president made a special recognition, to the reenactors, to the sports, cultural, community promoters, activists, who made the development of this edition possible. And now we have to prepare for the return to classes at the end of this vacation period, since as announced by the President on September 16, the administrative tasks began at the campuses and in October the return to classes ”.

The reenactor Mariángela Gutiérrez commented that “we are very grateful to the vice president, Melvin Maldonado and our mayor, José Alejandro Terán, for this precious activity that took place here in La Guaira. We are 37 re-enactors and we have cared for more than 250 girls and boys in this urbanism, we plan cultural, sports and traditional games ”.

Finally, Mayor Terán, from the Urimare parish, pointed out that “we thank President Nicolás Maduro, our minister Melvin Maldonado, since this is a demonstration of a deeply humanistic government that attends to spirituality by providing them with the right to recreation. for the living well of children, youth and adults ”.



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