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2500 officials will attend to incidents due to rain in Bolívar

In Bolívar they deploy a risk committee for possible emergencies

More than 500 officials from the risk prevention system were deployed in the state of Bolívar, as part of the immediate response plan carried out by the Government together with all protection and security organizations.

Civil Protection, municipal firefighters, FANB, Ven911, Cuadrantes de Paz, state and municipal police will be the officials in charge of managing the entire protocol of the national plan in a meticulous manner.

The installation of the risk committee seeks, in a first line of work, to delimit, in a preventive manner, a range of action that serves to mitigate the various scenarios produced by the rains each year.

Likewise, it was learned that among the functions of the committee will be day and night monitoring in areas and spaces near the rivers, in order to monitor the increase in flows in real time.

The Secretary of Government, Brizeida Quiñones, explained that the committee will manage to gather all its operational, human and logistical readiness to prevent any scenario, which is why she assured that from today they will go through each sector and community inch by inch.

The regional spokesperson pointed out that the linkage of the different popular forces will be vital in the success of this civic, police and military operation, because it is adjusted to the national risk prevention plan and indicated that all the particular characteristics of the region were taken consider.

Quiñones explained that the most vulnerable municipalities were approached before the arrival of the rains, where they will present different approach plans, in order to avoid scenarios from previous years.

The Secretary of Government detailed that each team belonging to the risk committee will have a specific task, in terms of levels of care, while indicating that all tasks will be marked in the preventive area.

He recalled that both the government and the different mayors' offices have simultaneously deployed a plan to clean stormwater channels and streams, in order to free them from obstacles that prevent the free flow of water.

Quiñones, accompanied by the Commander of the ZODI Bolívar, G/D Enio Flores León and the secretary of citizen security, G/D Edgar Colina Reyes, established the work route that all organizations will follow this rainy season.

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