33 thousand tons of food were delivered in Falcón during 2020

Photo: courtesy of the Falcón Governorate

The Falcón state social cabinet held more than 207 comprehensive social sessions during 2020, where 33 thousand tons of food were delivered during the quarantine carried out by the covid-19 pandemic.

Henry Hernández, secretary general of the government, highlighted during the balance of social management the days of Campo Soberano are annexed, in which more than 700 tons of various agricultural and protein items were delivered.

Likewise, Hernández explained that more than 150.064 services were made to people with nutritional vulnerability.

Long distance education

In educational matters, the official indicated that together the team of the Ministry of Education provided more than 6.450 educational kits and 5.000 school bags, which guaranteed the Every Family a School plan, implemented by the national government for the advancement of distance school activities .

Health care

Hernández explained that social care in health covered the provision of more than 200 outpatient clinics with two million medical supplies.

Family planning days were held through the Regional Institute for Women (Iremu), providing care to more than 13.900 women with contraceptive blisters and intrauterine devices.

In addition, 6.780 kits were delivered for delivery and cesarean section, thus guaranteeing the family planning necessary for the development and growth of the family.

Finally, the Secretary General concluded that during 2020 people with disabilities were assisted by the José Gregorio Hernández Mission, from the Children's Foundation.



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