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189 active works in the Progressive Theater Festival

States have spontaneously joined the stage party

The International Festival of Progressive Theater has borne more fruit than expected just days after its inauguration, said the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, during a press conference held yesterday at the Alberto de Paz y Mateo theater, along with members of the international groups that participate in this theatrical party.

“It has been a complete success. In the nine federal entities that have joined, we have a minimum of 24 rooms. And I say minimal because on the day of the launch we told the Venezuelan people: 'Feel like part of the festival.' And, spontaneously, for example, the Plaza municipality said: 'I also do my part of the festival', rooms were set up and thus we have Guarenas incorporated. Also in Carabobo we have three cities: Guacara, Puerto Cabello and Valencia”, he recounted.

In that sense, Villegas also said that, when making the call to hold the festival, 189 proposals were received, "and we remain committed to bringing them all to the stage," added the minister.

Villegas invited the Venezuelan people to enjoy "the best of the performing arts with a progressive accent, that is, advanced, without exclusion, without xenophobia, without merchandise theater, without racism, without classism, without elitism, without sexual discrimination."

He did so accompanied by Carlos Arroyo, president of the National Theater Company; María Belén Manetta from the group La Rosa de Cobre from Argentina; Arianna León, actress and image of the festival; Cristóbal Peláez, director of the Matacandela group in Colombia; Zoa Meza, actress and puppeteer from Guachipilín in Nicaragua; and Diego Aramburu, director and actress of Kiknteatr from Bolivia.

 Manetta, who will perform tomorrow at the Municipal Theater with the group La Rosa de Cobre, with the piece Essay on Fear, explained that the play recounts how a group of survivors of an apocalypse debate, from a shelter, whether to save the world or save themselves.

"We work on the ideas of what Elvio Sisti, a psychiatrist from Mar del Plata, classifies as capitalismopathies and our characters are archetypes of them," he said.

Bolivian director Diego Aramburu thanked this reunion after the pandemic: "the gratitude and joy are immense for being back in the theater in its face-to-face nature, which is essential both for the stage and for life," she said.

schedule for today

This is part of the programming offered by the theaters in the city of Caracas for today:

  • Pundonor (Argentina):
    Time: 3: 00 pm
    Place: Municipal Theater of Caracas.
  • Ballad of poor BB (Cuba):
    Time: 3:00 p.m.
    Place: National Theater.
  • Fable of the mole, the bat and the shrew:
    Time: 3: 00 pm
    Place: Bolivar Theater.
  • oil sabotage
    Time: 3: 00 pm
    Place: Main Theater.
  • metaphysical evening
    Place: Juana Sujo Room. Artist's House
    Time: 5:00 p.m.
  • This is Salem
    Place: Rajatabla Room.
    Time: 3:00 p.m.
  • My orange-lime plant
    Place: Alberto Paz and Mateo.
    Time: 5: 00 pm

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