Indict 12 soldiers for the death of a protester in 2017

A total of 12 members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) were charged for their alleged participation in the death of Gruseny Antonio Canelón Scirpatempo (32), which occurred in Carora (Lara), during the anti-government protests called by the opposition in 2017 , according to judicial sources. 

The presentation hearing was held last Friday before the Barquisimeto State Criminal Control Court, according to file KP01-P-2017-015699.  

At the hearing, the 85th National Prosecutor's Office charged the military with qualified homicide for futile and ignoble motives, cruel treatment, abuse of authority, improper use of organic weapons and illegitimate deprivation of liberty, explained the source.   

The Court accepted the prequalification proposed by the Public Ministry, decreed deprivation of liberty against the 12 soldiers who will remain confined in Detachment 121 of the GNB until the Prosecutor's Office concludes the investigation.  

The events took place when Canelón Scirpatempo participated on April 11, 2017 in a protest in Cabudare (Lara) which turned violent, according to witnesses. Apparently he was shot with pellets that killed him two days later.  

Among those accused of this act are Captain Wilfredo Ramón Pirela and the third-class sergeant major Yanín Alejandro Vera Rodríguez.  

Sergeants Pastor Oviedo Mariño, Jorge Luis Chirinos Perozo, Lucindo José Parra Mendoza, Edixon Antonio Silva Almao, Wilmer Alberto Arriechi López, Carlos Enrique Urbaneja Villamizar, Marcos Gabriel Sánchez Peroza, Alí ​​Froilan Meléndez Muñoz, Yomar Pérez Camacaro and José Ángel were also charged. Rodríguez Pérez. 

The also Sergeant Orangel David Morán Sánchez, was indicted days before for that murder.   


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