Chinese Zodiac Wheel September. Month of the Rooster

Roosters are those born in 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017.

Lucky Color: Golden Yellow • Lucky Direction: WEST • Allied Signs: OX AND SNAKE • Enemy Sign: RABBIT


Communication at work, with bosses or authority can be affected by misunderstandings. Mothers can experience tension in their relationship with their children. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. To strengthen your health, consume freshwater fish, shellfish and broths. To the NORTH places the Buddha with the red cloak.


Recognition, fame, success in your field of work. Don't lose confidence in yourself. It is important that you have a balance between work and rest. Take care of your circulatory system. Consume nuts and cereals are antioxidants in your cells. To the NORTHEAST is the YIN-YANG symbol.


Advances and promotion at work. Promotions. Restructuring that favors you. Trust your wisdom. Visits to the ophthalmologist. Supports brain health, improves mood, optimizes cognitive processes of learning and memory by consuming nuts. Locate a symbol of balance to the NORTHEAST.


Unexpected expenses. Communication with the family can be affected, they are not handled assertively. Avoid speaking from emotion. Take care of your skin, protect it from the sun. Eat slightly spicy foods, ginger is ideal. To the EAST place the solution of 1/3 of sea salt, water and three Chinese coins in a glass container.


Favorable movements in finances, opportunities open up. Connect with your beliefs, be grateful for the blessings that come. Take care of your skeletal system, perform exercises and walks. Eat green leafy vegetables: spinach, kale, watercress, broccoli contain calcium. Locate a Metal Angel to the SOUTHEAST.


Protection that comes to you from the Father and ancestors. Connect with them, follow your intuition to handle the opportunities that come from heaven. Possible headaches. Rest and exercise outdoors. Consume a lot of water hydrate your body, potatoes and slightly spicy foods like ginger. Locate to the SOUTHEAST of the deity of your choice.


Taking care of your image, how you project yourself will be important. Gossip and misunderstandings with the partner. Avoid meetings with large groups. Take care of your digestive system. Eat probiotic foods that improve your digestion such as yogurt, olives, pickles, and tempeh. Locate to the SOUTH two metal or silver spheres.


They will be emotional and sensitive in the couple and work relationship. Don't take anything personal. If they are single, attentive to the couple they attract. Take care of your genital organs.


Communication can be affected. Avoid situations or activities that generate emotional stress. Release tension and fatigue by doing some outdoor activity. In your spaces move 27 objects. Take care of your physical and mental health by consuming nuts, they give you energy. SOUTHWEST lights a red candle when you are in this space.


Month to enjoy family harmony, the couple and finances. Enjoy and fully live everything that comes in divine harmony. Start a project. Eat red foods like beets, strawberries, pin, cherries, and pomegranates. Locate to the WEST 8 geodes or Chinese coins tied in red ribbon. Drinking plenty of water and red drinks such as strawberries, tomatoes, grapefruit, add energy to your health. To the SOUTHWEST place a pyramid.


Success in finances. They will be more competitive, attentive to your way of communicating. Good month for romance. Consume foods rich in Omega 3 such as fish, nuts and seeds to keep the circulatory and immune system elevated. To the NORTHWEST place a glass of water for the whole month.


Unexpected financial luck. Success in finances. Don't let them take you out of your comfort zone. Be yourself. Be grateful for the opportunities honor your ancestors. Consume nuts, they help to maintain the desired weight. To the NORTHWEST place 8 blue stones.

During the month of September in the CENTER the star 7 of violence flies, two metal stars come together. This zone manages energy of well-being and health of all the members of the house. It is important that the Center of the spaces be free of obstacles, illuminated, clean and maintain calm yin water, that is, a glass of water so that it catches and controls this energy, which must change every day. FENG SHUI IS MORE THAN DECORATION. Ros. Feng Shui @ ros.fengshui



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