Serpents are those born in 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 y 2013. The men and women of this sign tend to be intuitive, disciplined and achieve what no one else achieves in a lifetime. They are possessive and jealous. Lucky Color: Green. Lucky flowers: Orchids and cacti. Lucky direction: Southeast. Allied Signs: Rooster and Ox. Enemy Sign: Pig


Be careful and watch out for theft and loss of documents. Wear the blue Turkish Eye charm. To the NORTH of your spaces or office place the image of the Archangel Saint Michael.


Cautious about your health, remember the importance of rest. Do activities that relax you and relieve stress. Use the Five Pointed Star charm. Place the 5-tube metal Mobile to the NORTHEAST of your spaces.


Spend time with your body. Exercise outdoors, a makeover will be ideal. Self-esteem up. Use the pendant of the Sword of Saint Michael the Archangel. Locate to the NORTHEAST of your spaces the Pagoda of the Five elements.


Auspicious month, which comes with gifts, fame, promotion. Very good for the woman and the family. Fertility, pregnancy. Use the Tree of Life charm. Place a beautiful plant to the EAST of your spaces and bury money in it.


Be careful what you eat, watch out for food poisoning. Drink more than a liter of water. Wear the pendant of your favorite deity. To the SOUTHEAST of your spaces, place the Tibetan Bell or Bowl and sound it every morning.


Be careful with your diet, it is important to avoid excesses. Do exercises and walks. Use sea salt in your bathroom once a week. Wear the pendant of your favorite deity. Place metal objects and the small pear-shaped squash to the SOUTHEAST.


They will reap a good harvest. Excellent month for business and investing. Fame and recognition that honor the family. Use the Yin and Yang charm. Place 6 small quartz SOUTH.


Good news regarding business. Money flow, repeat "I am a magnet to attract money." Use the Infinity pendant. Place a lamp to the SOUTHWEST.


Good fortune visits you. Visualize how the money reaches you and your accounts increase. Repeat "Money comes to me easily and smoothly." Use the Hand of Fatima charm. To the SOUTHWEST light a red candle


Activated love and romance. Earring with love triangles. They will be more creative than usual. Wear the Double Happiness charm. Place a bowl with water and 8 quartz to the WEST.


Cautious with investments, signatures and legal procedures. Follow your instinct. Wear a rosary. To the NORTHWEST light white candles, honor your ancestors.


Prevention during the month when conducting business and legal procedures, read the fine print. Use a Japa mala. Locate to the NORTHWEST a white flower in honor of your ancestors.

In May in the CENTER the monthly star 2 of Sickness flies and combines with the annual star 6 Blessings of Heaven. It is important that the center of the spaces is free of obstacles, illuminated, clean and places a small pear-shaped squash. Ros. Feng Shui @ ros.fengshui



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