Dragons are those born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012.


Job opportunities. Recognition that brings fame, money, and opportunity. Stay tuned for your good health. Sunbathing, drinking water and sleeping 8 hours is important. Feed the energy of the NORTH with the METAL element, every morning ring your Bell.


Excellent month, especially for men or bosses. They will recognize your work, knowledge and experience. Connect with these blessings. Say Thanks. It feeds the EARTH element of the NORTHEAST, places stones or crystal quartz in the shape of an obelisk.


Auspicious month where you will shine for your excellent leadership, wisdom and experience. Trust your knowledge, keep your self esteem high. It fuels the NORTHEAST earth element with FIRE with the color red.


Recognition and good fortune. Activated sexuality and fertility. Enjoy. Balance EAST with the WATER element, locate a source with smooth movement, it will be excellent.


Take walks and breathe outdoors. Honor your physical body, rest and sleep 8 hours. Drink water. Keep balance in your spaces, do not accumulate unnecessary objects. To the SOUTHEAST is the metal WU LOU.


Take care of your perfect physical and mental health. Connect with nature. You must maintain balance in your spaces. To the SOUTHEAST, find the Sea Salt Solution, 1/3 of salt, 3/3 of water and 3 Chinese coins.


Beware of betrayals and deceptions. Someone can steal your ideas or rights. Cautious and outstanding when handling sharp objects. Balance to the SOUTH of your spaces, locate the symbol of Yin and Yang. A glass of WATER.


Activate the job opportunities and promotions that this month brings to you. Maintain order and balance in your work area. Update data, profiles and curriculum. Strengthen the SOUTHWEST by adding the FIRE element with triangular or pyramid shapes.


Opportunities and promotions in the labor field. Review and update your personal information including photos. Go one step ahead. Maintain balance and harmony in your workplace. To the SOUTHWEST, it feeds the energy with the FIRE element, including the RED color in the decoration.


Do not leave the control and checkup of your health for tomorrow. Time to give rest to your mental body. Distract your mind. Not everything is work. Practice some physical activity that you like and enjoy. To the WEST, the 5-tube METAL mobile is located.


Energy of love and romance. Feed your self-love, do any activity that pleases you. Beware of colds. Drink more than a liter of water a day. Take the morning sun. To the NORTHWEST place the element WATER to feed the energy of romance. A blue or black cushion will be fine.


Romance that drives career and travel. You will shine for your creative talent. Imagine that you are a healthy and leafy plant and that by feeding it you will be feeding your own well-being. Drink plenty of water. To the NORTHWEST place a glass of water.

In the Center, the 3 monthly star flies and is combined with the 6 annually, it is important to keep this space clean, free and quiet without disturbing noises. Locate the WATER element in the CENTER of your spaces. FENG SHUI IS MORE THAN DECORATION. Ros. Feng shui

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