Walking with Mercury back

Mercury is the Planet that governs communication, in Chinese metaphysics it is represented by the element of water, that is, everything that flows and moves outward. Communication, from socializing, personal, commercial and family relationships, in conclusion, our daily life, that is why it influences us.

The first period of Mercury Retrograde in the year 2021, is, from January 30, 2021 to February 21, 2021. This movement occurs every 3 months and lasts 3 weeks.

Mercury is the fastest planet, it goes around the Sun in 88 days while the Earth does it in 365 days, on this trajectory we find ourselves 3 times a year and due to our location and speed in the Solar System the effect that it seems to go backwards, but in reality it is not

Everything that happens in the Cosmos influences us and Mercury the planet that governs our communications in its apparent backward movement, influences us and has an effect on our reality. In this first retrograde of Mercury in 2021, WALK WITH MERCURY BACK IN SILENCE. Get active! take these suggestions into account:

1. Talk less outward and much inward. Locate a mirror to the NORTHEAST of your room, stand in front of it, and have a conversation with you.

2. Meditating is the best way to keep quiet and reframe your thinking. Do it by visualizing in calm waters.

4. Avoid business meetings, make relevant decisions, make important purchases and above all sign contracts. If you can't avoid it, read everything very well and FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION.

 5. Use the color blue in your clothing, at important events.

The retrograde effect of MERCURY invites us to pause and review what is the tone, actions, body expression when you communicate and relate. Feng shui is more than decoration, the energy of your spaces is activated by you. Ros Feng Shui

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