Meditate is heal

The words "medication" and "meditation" have the same root, medeor, which means to measure, think, heal, care. It comes from the Latin medicus.

Western culture bases its medical approach on the external cues that the person manifests, that is, curing the physical symptoms. While the Eastern culture, focuses more on the internal, looking for the mental causes of the disease. The wonderful thing about the HERE AND NOW present moment is that you can access the best of both worlds.

Medicine Buddha meditation is a healing practice that has been treasured by many in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. It can be practiced for yourself, or for someone who is sick. The oldest known Medicine Buddha sutra dates from the XNUMXth century. This sutra tells the story of the bodhisattva, Medicine Buddha, who made twelve vows about how he would help living beings after achieving enlightenment.

Holistic healing of mind and body was an important emphasis in his vows: he promised to eradicate pain, disease and disabilities of all kinds, as well as to promote good health and optimal flourishing.

The Medicine Buddha meditation or mantra does not replace a conventional medical treatment, it complements it. The practice purifies and removes the underlying karmic causes of illness and cultivates reasons for holistic well-being.

When meditation is practiced or the health mantra is recited, cortisol and adrenaline are no longer produced, on the contrary, the production of endorphins is stimulated, which boosts the immune system and serotonin, protecting the body against invasive bacteria. viruses and other imbalances. These changes also promote positive states of mind.

"Tadyate Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samungate Soha" which means: "Welcome the connection between body, mind and soul to eliminate pain from my body"

This healing mantra is intended to focus thoughts and emotions on what you really want, reaching perfect control, thus altering consciousness to bring you to the fulfillment of your goals. When you are aware of that situation that destabilizes perfect health, you can take action.

Recite or chant this mantra: Visualizing your body bathed in an intense blue ray; purifying you, healing you from any discomfort. Make your ill illuminated organ visible, bathed under this intense blue aura. It is important that you repeat it 108 times for 27 days.

I invite you to take this practice for yourself or for someone who needs it.

1-Dress in white or very light clothing.

2-Locate the CENTER of your spaces, ensure that it is clean, orderly, and illuminated and that the earth element prevails

3-Energize with coconut or camphor incense.

4-Spray alcohol solution with water, in equal amounts.

5-Pass your bell or Tibetan bowl.

6-Take the optimal meditation posture for you. It can be seated in the shape of a lotus or in a chair.

7-Visualize the Medicine Buddha sitting, looking at you. He is represented with a dark blue body (lapis lazuli), this being an archetypal color of healing. In his left hand he holds a bowl of healing nectars, and in his right hand a medicinal plant. In your visualization, he is level with your forehead, a few feet in front of you, looking at you with as much love as a mother for her only child. He is everything beautiful gathered in one.

8-If it is your wish, place the image of the Blue Medicine Buddha.

9-Connect with intention and ask the Medicine Buddha to eliminate pain, purify disease and restore your health (or that of the being for whom you are practicing).

10-Visualize the Medicine Buddha voluntarily responding to your request, while repeating the mantra. You can do it 9 times at the beginning until you get to repeat it 108 times, using a Japamala, cord or rosary.

11- Conclude the meditation thanking for what has been granted to you and to humanity.

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