The Tibetan Bell

The Tibetan Bell is a tool used for thousands of years by Tibetan monks and composed like bowls by the alloy of seven metals. It belongs to the family of Idiophone instruments, its elaboration is handmade, its sound due to the metal is usually strident, generating tenuous harmonics and vibrations that are perceptible in our body. In Buddhist religious ceremonies, the Dalai Lama or Buddhist teacher holds this Dorje in his right hand and the Tibetan Bell in his left hand, thus creating the "duality of being." It represents the feminine principle as the 'perfection of wisdom', it is always accompanied by its partner, the Dorje, the masculine or compassion.

At present it is used in rituals, astrological and therapeutic activities. Understanding the disease as an energy blockage in the auric field, by making the bell "sing", these energies are purified helping to recover health. It is useful and almost essential as an instrument for meditation, sound therapy and energy cleaning for environments. In the practice of Feng Shui, when using it, the Dorje of the Bell must be together, tied with a red ribbon. When blowing in the spaces, it releases the blocked energy and the Dorje absorbs and transmutes it.


Before starting prayer and concentration to attract positive energies during your meditations.

To harmonize and balance the Yin and Yang energies of your spaces before daily work.

About your work equipment: laptop, phones and computers.


Passing an incense on the Bell drawing three times the figure of infinity or eight.

With the wooden stick, tapping gently and sliding the wooden stick along the outer edge of the Bell in one direction only. You will get a continuous vibration, which you will go through all the space.

 You can do it every day, preferably with the energy of the Sun, avoid using it at night.


The Tibetan Bell can be placed on your altar, sacred table or prayer corner. Preferably outside the bedroom and to the NORTHWEST of your living room, dining room or study, since the energy of this space is metal. You can accompany it with other sacred symbols. This instrument is personal so avoid borrowing it or having children play with it. Touching or "singing" a Tibetan bell in a room transmits energetic tones that purify and harmonize it, giving a feeling of peace and harmony. The size of the hood is not decisive, use it with intention. Create a space of balance, harmony and peace! Ros Feng Shui

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