The bathroom in balance #QuédateenCasa

The bathroom as defined by some architects, is the "key" area of ​​the spaces, since balance and harmony can be lost in the rest of the home, premises or office. Here waste energy is managed, draining, purifying, eliminating what is not necessary, that is why it is important to know what coordinate it occupies within the PAKUA or energy map.

Eliminate clutter, clean the space of objects that accumulate negative energies, discard things that no longer serve, ventilate, avoid water leaks and let in sunlight, it will provide a whole environment, with brightness and vitality of your energy body and life .

Each space is a reality, the energy present in a bathroom has to do with the coordinate it occupies, for example, if the bathroom is in the center of your home, office or premises, it handles the energy of good health for all inhabitants of that place. That is why it should be warm and friendly.

To achieve a balanced bathroom you have to start with:

• Always keep the door closed and the lid of the well down.

• Drains or toilets where possible covered with a carpet.

• Place the endless knot on the door handle or handle facing outwards.

• Never place decorative objects with sentimental value, or personal photos.

• Excellent plants: control excess water, if you do not have natural light you can use artificial plants, provided they are clean and in perfect condition.

• Important that all the lights work correctly: do not have burned or loose bulbs to save money.

• If you have natural light, make sure that you also have good light at night.

• Avoid leaks: moisture absorbs the energy of abundance: locate ceramic or porcelain accessories filled with sea or coarse salt, to absorb excess moisture.

• Next to the sink where more water is used and more energy is lost: place candles or plants.

• Maintain good smell, with pleasant fragrances.

Actually, taking care of Feng Shui in the bathroom is a lot like how you want your connection to abundance and prosperity to be.

Get active! put a little plant and keep it clean, bright, full of life.

Feng Shui is more than decoration, the energy of your spaces is activated by you. Until the next meeting and that every day they are more prosperous, your specialist friend and adviser in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Ros Feng Shui

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