Legend of the Dragon Head Turtle

The turtle in Feng Shui is considered one of the four celestial animals. This celestial animal was represented even in rock art and is the only sacred animal that remains present. Turtles were used as a representation of fertility for the Greeks and Romans. Being the symbol of the ancient Greek city of the Peloponnese.

In Hawaii the word "honu" has the meaning of sea turtles. Besides being considered a symbol of long life and tenacity in the folklore of many other cultures.

Some species of sea turtles live up to 150 years and terrestrial ones even up to 50 years. The turtle has been surviving millions of years, surpassing other animal species, which is why they are considered symbols of longevity.

The legend of the DRAGON HEAD TURTLE is based on the theory that turtles are over a thousand years old and become dragons, preserving their shells so as not to forget their origins or their own effort. This Japanese story stars Urashima Tarō who tells us about a fisherman who saves a turtle and is rewarded with a visit to the Palace of the Dragon God at the bottom of the sea.

“Urashima Tarō, a humble fisherman who watches, while doing his job, some boys who beat a turtle. He comes to the aid of the defenseless animal and he, wounded, thanks him. The next day the turtle appears to him while doing his work and confesses who he really is, the daughter of the emperor of the sea, invites him to accompany her to the palace where the dragon god of the sea lives. Urashima Tarō accepts pleased and the turtle gives him the power to breathe in water.

The fisherman and the turtle swim through the sea and when they arrive at the palace, it turns into a beautiful princess. Urashima Tarō, surprised by such beauty, stays in the palace, committing himself to the princess of the Dragon god. After three years, the fisherman asks him to return to the surface, since he wishes to return home to visit his dying mother. The princess at this request gives him a box and with great mystery tells him that he should never open it. Urashima Tarō, confused by the gift and the recommendation, takes it and riding on the shell, swims on the turtle, leaving the palace.

Upon reaching the surface and touring the village, he realizes that everything had changed. His home was gone, everything was different. Ask everyone if they have heard of the Urashima family or Urashima Tarō. They tell him that Urashima Tarō died 300 years ago. Then the puzzled and pensive fisherman sits under a tree and opens the box the princess had given him. Upon opening it, Urashima watches his body transform into an old man. From the box comes a voice: “I told you that you should never open the box. Your age dwelt in it. " Faced with this reality, the fisherman reflects and realizes that approximately 348 years have passed, since he would have gone fishing in 477 and returned in 825.

Having turtles as pets or figures of turtles brings good luck to the home, office, shops, businesses, companies, since it connects with longevity allowing to stay in time. It is associated with good fortune because they promote good health and protect against bad energies.

ACTIVATE YOUR PROSPERITY! locate the Dragon Head Turtle:

To the north or at the work desk activates professional success.

EAST from your home to improve the good health and luck of the family.

SOUTHEAST from your home, office, company or business allows money, abundance and prosperity to flow.

In front of the main doorl to bless your daily commute and travel safe and secure against accident and injury.

It is important that you clean and consecrate the image of the Dragon Head Turtle before placing it in your spaces. Use a sandalwood incense to clean, passing over it three times repeating the OM HAN HUM mantra and consecrate making the figure of infinity repeating the OM MANI PADME HUM mantra 9 times. Then print the INTENTION to have it and welcome your spaces. Until the next meeting. Ros Feng Shui

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