Feng shui and pets

On October 4, the day of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals, was celebrated. Beautiful story that gives us a lesson in service and selfless love between man and his pets.

For those who do not know who Saint Francis of Assisi was, he is considered the patron saint of animals and veterinarians, founder of the Franciscan order, an order that promotes poverty and simplicity. He stripped himself of his material goods to dedicate his life without luxury to the needy and unprotected. Animals or pets within the home are at the service of family life and humbly present themselves to fulfill their role within the great global system, the ecosystem, as well as their own system to which they belong. When a pet, whatever it is, comes to life in a home. He knows perfectly the place he occupies within the system in which he lives and fulfills "the function" that corresponds to him, to put himself at its service. An animal that becomes ill may be giving a warning of an imbalance in the house and will be subtracting Chi or vital energy from its inhabitants. Hence, pets "talk about their owners or what happens in their system" Have you ever heard and resonated with this phrase "That pet is equal to its owner".

Within the New Family Constellations theory promoted by Bert Hellinger, “when animals are with human beings they continue to fulfill their task of being at the service of harmony, of regulating the environment, adopting the greater burden of their owner. Animals arrive where a great disorder threatens a person's life. " The Feng Shui philosophy of life that seeks the greatest well-being from all aspects in our lives, emotional or mental and even from the perspective of improving abundance and wealth. Also understood as a science that studies the relationship between living beings (people and animals) and the physical environment on a space and its objects. Everything connects and affects our well-being. Everything is energy and therefore it is transformed.

Within Feng Shui there is a premise and that is that the place where your dog it rests of its own free will, it is the space of the house that is better energetically. They are wise and handle energy much better than humans; they move inside the house, carrying and activating their energy all over the place. Unlike the cats that have specific characteristics, since they can and usually are located near elements that emit radiation that can be harmful to the rest of the members of the house: such as TV monitors, radiators and, in general, all devices that emit vibrations . Nothing better to renew the energy of a space than to have birds that they wake up with a harmonious song and that also adapts to the characteristics of their owners. Birds fulfill the energetic function of abundance, as they symbolize the energy that flows through the winds, and that we can intrinsically understand as those that can fly through the air, bringing and circulating all the good that is in the sky. A fishbowl it keeps the energy of any space in motion in a harmonious way, having the quality of calming restlessness and also stimulating those who are discouraged. The tortuga y morrocoy considered heavenly, they connect with good fortune and long life.

It is important that the animals in your home are healthy and cared for. There are no animals better than others in Feng Shui. Only the attraction of its owner and the physical limitations of the space. They are not better fish than cats, nor are red ones better than gold ones, nor a particular breed. It matters how they are integrated into the whole of the house and how their effect is restorative and stimulating. This is the great positive value of incorporating pets in our environment. THE FENG SHUI IS MORE THAN DECORATION, the energy of your spaces is activated by you #ACTIVATUPROSPERIDAD. Until the next meeting. Ros Feng Shui 

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