Color and feng shui in your outfit

Colors allow us to create and balance spaces, but also, through the choice of colors, in the creation of our Outfit o Jimi Hendrix , makes it easier for us to communicate how we feel or how we want to be perceived.

 In Feng Shui we classify colors according to the constructive cycle.

 THE FIRE: It is associated with red, maroon, orange, pink, warm colors. These colors convey positive qualities, and provoke the sensation of joy, activity, movement, passion and sensuality. They encourage fun and take action. But the most important point is that it gives courage to do things, who wears clothes in tone will be able to remove fears.

THE EARTH: It ranges between brown, beige and yellow. These are related to peace, spirituality and also with mental clarity, the possibility of achieving a goal and happiness, especially the yellow that turns everything into light. Wearing clothes of this tone makes people more intellectual, intelligent and lifts anyone from a depression. And as the popular saying goes "yellow is what it looks like"

THE METAL: It is associated with colors such as white, gold, silver or gray. These give us a special calm and help us channel stress. White is a neutral color, so the person who chooses it will be very receptive to energies, for something it is the favorite for meditation and charging with good vibes.

WATER: It is related to the colors black, blue, turquoise. They are colors that convey serenity, harmony and sobriety. The blue color of the universe, has the immensity of the sea and the depth of the sky; activates the spiritual part, makes people forgive others, achieves love for oneself and inspiration to do things. The black color that closes, does not let anything in, it is not recommended to use it in its entirety as it prevents the energy from flowing.

TIMBER: It is linked to the range of greens. This color is associated with nature, adventure and creativity. It represents hope, well-being and a good quality of life.

The color of our Outfit, It influences our mood and our senses, being able to make you experience negative or positive sensations. What color do you identify with? Ros Feng Shui

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