Chinese Zodiac Wheel October. Month of the Dog

Those born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 y 2018.

Lucky Color: WHITE and SILVER • Lucky direction: NORTHWEST • Allied Signs: TIGER and HORSE • Enemy Sign: DRAGON


Keep balance with your work, what you do should generate income, but also pleasure. Keep in mind that you must print the same passion in everything you do, here is the order and coherence. Place 6 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon to the NORTH.


You have prosperity multiplied 9 × 9. You project yourself very well. You must have a balance between work and rest. No, it is about eliminating the effort of carrying out the activities, it is doing them in a simpler and more productive way. To the NORTHEAST place an arrangement with 9 red candles.


October brings opportunities for you, remember to take with gratitude everything that comes. Keep balance between your Ego and Wisdom. Keep in mind how noble you are. To the NORTHEAST he places a lighted lamp.


Romance, marriage and relationships with the couple are strengthened. Good time for pleasure trips. It is important to maintain a balance between what you say and do, coherence is the key, everything you experience in life is a result. When EAST placing a plant whose leaves have movement, a palm is ideal.


Month to be attentive to health and the relationship with money. Keep in mind that money is an energy that is assumed without fear. Maintain a balance between giving and receiving. Locate to the SOUTHEAST the mantra of OM MANI PADME HUM.


As you must follow your intuition throughout the year, it will be key in your financial movements. Don't neglect your health. Focus on Being to Do and Have, this is balance of the order of life. To the SOUTHEAST, locate the deity that inspires you.


They will be recognized for their nobility and intelligence. Activated sexuality and fertility. Maintain balance between the divine and the earthly, remember how above is below. Locate the Yin-Yang to the SOUTH.


Communication can be affected, leading to disputes due to misunderstandings. Persevere in what you want, do not abandon your dream. Take care of your feet. Vibrate in balance with your thought and desire. Remember that the more you think or feel something, the more possible it is. Place the red cloak Buddha to the SOUTHWEST.


They will try to get you out of your comfort zone, leading to possible breakdowns. Keep the balance between your thoughts and your emotions, you are able to create what you want Breathe outdoors. To the SOUTHWEST places the image of mother Kuan Yin.


Well-being, wealth and financial success. Create balance with your abundance. What you are able to contribute to the world in some way will be returned to you. To the west is the Buddha of wealth.


Your gifts will be put to the test. Your faithfulness and fairness can be questioned. Always remember the gift you have of sharing your wisdom and a job well done. Thus you achieve balance in serving others and the Universe rewards you in abundance. To the NORTHWEST are the Rhinoceros and the Blue Elephant.


A month to demonstrate your ability to speak and successfully communicate what you want. Find your balance in performing an action without thinking about what you will gain, focus on giving.  Place a glass bowl of water to the NORTHWEST.

FENG SHUI IS MORE THAN DECORATION. During the month of October at the CENTER two BLESSINGS stars get together, giving energy of well-being and health to all members of the house. It is important that the Center of the spaces is free of obstacles, illuminated, clean and maintains the image of an angel or that which connects you with the celestial. Ros. Feng shui @ ros.fengshui



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