Butterflies connect us

Beautiful and colorful butterflies that symbolize love, creation and freedom by Feng Shui. They connect us with transformation, changes, what you want to modify in any aspect of life, in a positive way by the energies that butterflies transmit.

In the decoration of the spaces they can be placed anywhere, however, in the rooms they are ideal. Butterflies are placed as cures in the homes of people who are single, in order to attract the love they long for.

 Get active!

<br>• MATRIMONIAL ROOM: Maintain and heal love. They can be used both for those who seek love and want to be reciprocated, as well as for those who already have it and want to represent and proclaim it in the most splendid way possible. Located in pairs or even flocks of even numbers, near the bed. Create a natural whirlwind of positive energy in love and passion.

<br>• CHILDREN'S ROOM: Awaken creativity, look for it to flow freely from when they are little. Place them in groups and very colorful.

<br>• WORKPLACE: It transmits the value of letting things flow according to the rhythm of nature. Connecting with faith and hope.

<br>• SOUTHWEST LOVE COORDINATE: To activate and attract love, good luck in personal relationships and romance, only butterflies should be placed in pairs. Placing two butterflies connects with the transformative stages to become the beauty that they are. Excellent for single people, they will guide you to do the same with ease.

Important, they should be placed on the wall, avoid curtains and windows since luck, joy, prosperity and happiness in love can simply "fly" out the window. Neither place it dried or dried and in dark colors, because it generates negative energy. THE FENG SHUI IS MORE THAN DECORATION, the energy of your spaces is activated by your #ACTIVATUPROSPERIDAD. Ros Feng Shui.

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