Activating the immune system

According to the Chinese astrological sign, each person has an element that nurtures inner energy.

These elements are what form the constructive cycle within nature. When you are in balance and harmony with your essence, your immune system is less likely to weaken.

Activate and keep the inner energy vibrating high, follow these recommendations according to your sign:

Water Element: Rat

• Drink more than a liter of water a day.

• Long showers and salt scrub once a week.

• Dress in blue.

• Eat salty foods, an olive, fish, and consommé.

Fire Element: Horse

• Sunbathe in the morning.

• Eat red foods and drinks: beets, tomato.

• Eat dark chocolate.

• Wear yang colors and avoid black.

Earth Element: Ox-Tiger-Goat-Monkey

• Have contact with the ground.

• Eat sweet foods, honey, papelón.

• Avoid wearing everything in black.

Wood Element: Rabbit-Dragon-Snake

• Have contact with nature, hug a tree.

• Breathe consciously.

• Eat foods with acidic and citric flavor.

Metal element: Rooster-Dog-Pig

• Eating foods with spicy ginger, sweet and sour garlic activate, nourish and purify the lungs.

• Listen to music.

• Dress in white colors.           

 "Never neglect your body, honor your temple" Ros Feng Shui.

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