Next Friday, February 26, we will have the first Full Moon of the year of the Golden Ox, known as the Moon of Love, the most powerful of the whole year. In a third of the planet they celebrate the Lantern Festival. It is a day to celebrate with your husband, partner or friends.

• Offer and share food, grains, meats of all kinds, and sweets.

• Dress in red. This color activates abundance and prosperity. Give away red envelopes with money, Chinese coins and sweets.

• They are used to launching fireworks and lighting lanterns to drive away evil spirits.

• Focus your priorities on rectifying, reconciling with people, avoiding offending, reestablishing old ties and giving thanks for the loves that have come into your life.

The energy of this day invites us to consecrate love from the sweetness, passion and joy that you desire. Get active with the Moon of Love!

The coordinate of love this year is to the EAST, here you can locate the Symbol of Double Happiness, Dual Images or that wonderful photo with the love of your life. Ros Feng Shui

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