Activating mindfulness

Full awareness, mindfulness or as they call it right now the MINDFULNESS, corresponds to attention centered on a thought or feeling of happiness, tranquility and harmony. It can be achieved through an object what we place in the mind to release negative thoughts or concentration itself, through that element of perception such as the heartbeat, breathing or body heat. When you are in full consciousness, you try to improve the quality of life, in concrete terms, without being linked to beliefs, religion or philosophy of life.

MindfulnessIt has a scientific approach since it is systematized "non-denominational", its results can be measured, compared and oriented towards concrete earthly objectives. It is an art since each person can do it differently, including their creativity. 

Mindfulness can be adapted to different ages, contexts and environments, for example: Self-control and development of resilience, providing the ability to face adversity. From Neuroscience, it is considered that the most resilient people have greater emotional balance, which allows them to face diseases and raise levels of physical and mental health. Mindfulness practice allows your mind and body to live in the present. You can do it by practicing concentration. This is an exercise that you should practice alone and at any time.

CONCENTRATION is the deep state of consciousness, without having judgments of sensations, feelings or thoughts. Recognizing what is happening while it is happening, not focusing on what happened or may happen by letting the experience flow as it is, allows that if we are experiencing something unpleasant it can flow and even save us suffering.

Intentionally lending to the present moment without judging allows us to relate directly to what is happening, that is, the Here and Now, allowing us to consciously work with stress, pain, illness, loss or any challenge. When you are in opposition to the Here and Now, you do not pay attention, we find ourselves more worried about what happens or has not happened, leading to neglect, forgetting or isolation of emotions and reacting automatically and maladaptively.

Mindfulness allows us to regain internal balance. Body, mind and spirit. Developing, in addition, greater capacity for discernment and compassion. We can activate and practice Mindfulnessin our spaces, cheer up and start connecting with full consciousness.

Locate the NORTHWEST of that place that you have ready to connect with the concentration. Observe that it is in balance and harmony with the metal element, that is to say that white, gray and metal predominate. Verify that there is no excess of the fire element, that is, red or orange colors and triangular shapes. Place a bowl or jar with clean water, so that it absorbs the discordant energy, then we discard the water. You can have a mat, cloth, cushion or chair. Start practicing for 30 minutes, in places free from noise, where you feel comfortable, without telephones, cell phones, or electronic devices. You can include relaxing background music. Wear comfortable clothes, without shoes and sitting comfortably, it is not necessary to do it in the lotus position, but to have your back at a right angle. It is important that during this concentration you consciously pay attention to the experience of the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance.

Full consciousness o Mindfulness It is one more tool that will provide well-being and will positively affect your quality of life. Using the Systemic Feng Shui technique, you can really charge your body, home or premises with positive vibrations and more easily attract situations into your life that will help you achieve harmony and prosperity, both in your family and in the workplace. Until the next meeting. Ros Feng Shui

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