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Modernize three areas of Hospital de Coro

Nearly 7 monthly patients will be attended in the areas of pediatrics, neonatology and gynecology-obstetrics

The commitment made by the governor of the Falcón state, Víctor Clark, to transform the Coro University Hospital becomes a reality with the modernization of three areas.

The departments of pediatrics, neonatology and gynecology-obstetrics now have optimal conditions for the care of close to seven thousand patients per month.

The regional president together with the director of the hospital, Jean Carlo Sánchez; the Secretary of Health, Jesús Osteicochea; the government secretary, Luis Piña and the First Combatant, in charge of the El Niño Simón Foundation in the entity, Jessica Perozo de Clark made a tour to activate the services.

On the first floor, the outpatient department area for the pediatrics department was rehabilitated to house 11 specialties in a first phase with two service shifts, morning and afternoon.

The place that remained condemned for seven years was refurbished and adapted with six offices, five for the specialties of neonatology, nutrition, surgery, neurology, pulmonology, immunization, psychology, adolescentology, gynecology-child-juvenile, orthopedics and kangaroo program; while the sixth was assigned to prenatal consultations for high-risk obstetric patients.

"This has been an effort that is part of a macro work applied in the national reference hospital, we managed to resume its operation with furniture, equipment, and specialized personnel committed to health," he stated.

He maintained that among the rehabilitation tasks they placed air conditioning, painting, setting and placement of equipment, in addition to stretchers, an otoscope, blood pressure monitors, weights and an X-ray reader.

The governor highlighted the contribution offered by Unicef ​​to guarantee decent spaces for maternal and child care.

In the area, they also set up a Civil Registry office to guarantee the presentation of newborns and obtaining the Birth Certificate, before leaving the medical discharge.

With respect to the third floor where the gynecology and obstetrics department is located, the regional Executive delivered 12 beds for postpartum hospitalization or for recovery from some gynecological intervention.

In the same way, it remodeled the neonatology unit with a significant expansion in spaces disabled for about four years.

With the works, in addition to renovating the incubator area, an innovative lactation room with comfortable armchairs was added, as well as the minimum care area for healthy newborns equipped with cribs.

Spaces were also assigned for the rest of the medical and nursing staff with bunk beds, lockers and other amenities to ensure a work shift in optimal conditions.

"We see a new reality in the Coro hospital that we are consolidating with constant work and with the vision of being avant-garde in terms of public health provision," he emphasized.

He stressed that he aspires to deliver for this month of June the renovation work on the fifth floor where the surgical hospitalization is located, and then continue with the transformation of the cardiovascular and oncology unit.

Patients showed their appreciation

The Governor together with his wife made a visit to the six renovated rooms to verify the works of lighting, air conditioning, painting, setting and furnishing.

So they took the opportunity to give layettes to women in labor.

Orianny Querales, 20, the mother of a girl, affirmed that during the two days she was hospitalized, the care has been special and because she is her second daughter, she affirms that the Hospital has given a 360-degree change.

"This time everything has been different and the work done to modernize the spaces was impeccable, thanks to the regional government for its dedication so that health is strengthened," he said.

For her part, 31-year-old María López alleged that the rooms look like they belong to a clinic.

"Even the bathrooms were improved, there is a vocation to improve the physical conditions of the hospital and this is proof of this," he asserted.

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