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Fifth Water Community Council met in Falcón

Spokespersons from various communities presented proposals, complaints and reports on the service

The Water Community Council continues the planning work on piped drinking water supply and sanitation together with the senior management of the Médanos Falconianos Hydrology, for which the technical water tables of the Miranda and Colina municipalities starred in the fifth meeting.

Spokespersons from Sabana Larga, Las Calderas, La Vela, Monseñor Iturriza, La Ciudadela, Cruz Verde, La Velita, Las Trincheras, La Cañada, among other communities, presented proposals, complaints and reports related to the effectiveness of the service.

The president of the hydrological company, Andrés Maldonado, maintained that continuing with the 1×10 of the Good Government, they respond to the problems registered by the situational room jointly between the government, the mayor's office and the public institutions of basic services.

«Today we are at this work table with Miranda and Colina to let us know the real status of the drinking water service in the municipalities. If it arrives with good pressure, if it arrives at the time it has to arrive, where they have to stay up late, where the water hasn't arrived, where they should store with a bucket. We come to hear truths, that's why the entire technical, operational and community team is present," explained the engineer.

In addition, the occasion allowed him to provide a balance of what the Hydrological action plan has been, especially in the water treatment plants, pumping stations and correction of leaks.

“We are doing a conscious administration. We are extracting 900 liters per second from the El Isiro reservoir, maintaining a high level with which we can guarantee the supply for the coming months”, he stressed.

Station recovery work offers solutions to communities

The MTAs speak

The dynamics of the community meeting allowed each organization of people's power in Mirandino and Colina to present a report on compliance with schedules, limitations, failures by some sectors and contingency situations in terms of water served in their respective municipal entities.

In this sense, the Potable Water and Sanitation (APS), Operations, Maintenance and Community Management managements were taking notes to verify, correct and give an effective response to each of the proposals.

Spokespersons expressed their proposals for the improvement of the service

Reactivation of wells in several communities

The engineer Maldonado indicated that together with Governor Víctor Clark Boscán they have put into action the plans for the rehabilitation of deep wells and recovery of water sources, as part of the efforts to guarantee the service of drinking water to the Falconians.

For this reason, the blue team of the western axis reactivated two wells that will benefit more than 300 families from the Mauroa and Buchivacoa municipalities, respectively.

In the Juan Prieto well, located in the Mene de Mauroa parish of the Mauroa municipality, they installed a pump that will generate 13 liters per second of drinking water to supply the communities of La Radar, El Sobaco, Santa Ana, Corazón de Chávez, Las Casitas. , La Chamarreta and Las Mercedes.

Similarly, in the Bozugo well located in the Bariro parish, Buchivacoa municipality, they placed the equipment that will produce 10 liters per second. The sectors to benefit are El Mamón, El Bozugo and Santa Isabel, where 150 families live.

Inspection at Maracardon station

As part of the map of solutions, the Hidrofalcón team began the work of review, diagnosis and recovery of the sewage pumping stations in the Carirubana municipality.

At the beginning of the stabilization process of the sanitation system in the Paraguanera entity, the Maracardón station located in Puerta Maraven was inspected.

There, the electrical panels and their components were reviewed; also of the wet pit, dry pit, the inspection of the operating conditions of the transformers.

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