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Bricomiles in Falcón and Sucre ready for school recovery

The brigades will focus on the repair of infrastructures of educational centers

The formation of the Military Community Brigades (Bricomiles) is carried out in all schools in the country, with the aim of strengthening and recovering more than 20.000 educational centers nationwide.

In the state of Falcón, the formation of the “School Military Community Brigades” (Bricomiles) started from the Carlos Martínez Bueno National Educational Unit in the Miranda municipality to beautify the educational infrastructure.

The mayor of Miranda, Henry Hernández; The Secretary General of the Government, Luis Piña, and the Single Authority for Education, Marelys Castro, were the authorities who began the plan with cleaning and sanitation of both the external and internal areas, mainly in the common spaces.

Piña, representing Governor Víctor Clark, highlighted the importance of the Bricomiles to begin to recover educational institutions in addition to the "A drop of love for our school" plan, which has already recovered more than 150 centers throughout the Falconian geography.

"This is the first high school that will benefit from the VenApp social network, which is why we are here to ratify President Nicolás Maduro's commitment to improve its facilities," he said.

For his part, Mayor Hernández specified that a total of 382 workers of the institution will be responsible for changing the reality of his educational unit.

"These brigades will focus on the repair of infrastructure hand in hand with the national, regional and municipal government to improve the conditions of students and thus optimize the level of learning of those who represent the future of our country," he stated.

The head of education in the entity Marelys Castro specified that the Bricomiles will be in charge of the repairs in the educational centers programmed in the schedule of the 1×10 system of the Good Government.

"This institution, with an enrollment of more than 1500 students, is now ready to be rehabilitated, it is at the right moment given the culmination of a successful academic period where, thanks to the measures implemented by the president, it was possible to return to face-to-face classes," he explained. Castro.

satisfactory impressions

Fifth-year high school student Hulmarielvis Leal expressed her gratitude to President Nicolás Maduro for such an excellent initiative.

“We are happy for the changes that we will be able to see soon in our institution, although the colleagues who continue to train will enjoy the improvements,” he said.

It should be noted that the brigades were activated throughout the national territory with representatives of the regional and municipal cabinet, as well as the educational sector and the popular force.

On behalf of the teachers, Eduardo González ratified the commitment of the staff to develop the work so that the spaces are optimized by virtue of receiving the next school year 2022-2023.

“After the absence in the classrooms due to the pandemic, the educational centers suffered a deterioration, but in response to our requests, today we see a plan aimed at providing solutions and where we join to help as a sign of our love for what we do. ", he claimed.

Cayapa in the municipalities

In the city of Punto Fijo, the Brigades started from the EPN "Andrés Bello" together with the deputy Fernando Bastidas, the coordinator of the Psuv Organization Jesús León, the mayor Abel Petit and the president of the municipal chamber Sabrina Leal.

"We join this wonderful initiative that President Nicolás Maduro promotes and that Governor Víctor Clark supports so that together with popular power we continue to advance in the work for the improvement of the educational system," Petit said.

At the same time, he recalled about his actions of the municipal government plan where the strengthening of educational infrastructures have preponderance and have been executed progressively.

On the other hand, in the Antillean square of La Vela de Coro, the municipalities of Colina and Zamora met to receive the guidelines directly from Governor Víctor Clark, who indicated that through the organization they will continue to advance in the 1×10 of Good Government.

Brigades activated with maintenance work.

Bricomiles in Sucre

The governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto, together with the mayor of Cumaná, Luis Sifontes, and the director of the Educational Zone of the state of Sucre, Karenly Sánchez, formed the new Military Community Brigades for Education (Bricomiles) in order to recover the educational centers of the entity.

From the EU "Rebeca Mejía" the swearing-in of the members of these brigades was carried out in their first phase of organization within the framework of the 1*10 system of Good Government.

The Bricomiles will be deployed in 72 educational units of the 1.742 centers belonging to the region, with the aim of guaranteeing optimal spaces for the educational development of children and young people from Sucre.

It should be noted that they are made up of 20 people including community leaders, heads of UBCH, territorial and sectoral militancy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the JPsuv, officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and police forces.

The regional president indicated that the optimization and rehabilitation works of the educational entities consist of lighting, electrical, sanitary service, plumbing, repair of the infrastructure, equipment of the schools in the region.

“The Ministries of People's Power for Defense, that of the Communes and Social Movements, that of Education, together with the national and regional government work in joint action for the development and well-being of all children and adolescents who receive their training in these classrooms. Sewage and drinking water, health and education are the three areas that we will address in the next 60 days in Good Government”, highlighted the governor.

Consolidation of Good Governance in the region

Through the official account of the Sucre state government on the social network Instagram @gobiernosucre, a video testimony was shared that ensures that "The efficiency of the VenApp has allowed the regional executive to consolidate the 1*10 of Good Government", reports the publication.

This is the case of a neighbor belonging to the Bebedero I community who expresses her gratitude to President Nicolás Maduro for the application that allows for a link between the needs of the communities and the local authorities: “Thanks to the report made by the inhabitants of this community We were able to resolve part of the input at the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center,” said the spokeswoman.

He also explained that the response obtained was immediate and that this contribution will benefit more than 2.500 people who live in the sector.

The Bricomiles are made up of the People's Power, military and police. 

With information from the correspondents: Josmary Escalona and Ana Victoria González

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