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They advise and finance productive occupations of young Falconians

The “Échale Pichón” Plan started with all the irons in Falcón

A total of 300 young people belonging to seven municipalities in the state of Falcón were recruited through the “Échale Pichón” Plan, with the purpose of providing them with advice, training and financing.

This Tuesday, the first group, made up of 35 kids from the popular sectors of the Miranda (Coro) and Colina (La Vela) municipalities, received baking and barbering kits to boost their productive trades and thus add to the economic recovery they are experiencing. the country.

This pioneering initiative in the country is carried out by the Secretariat of Popular Power for Youth and the Young Venezuela Mission in its second vertex.

The head of the Falcón state youth secretariat, David Díaz, said that a year and a half ago, they began to shape this idea that today is crystallizing in favor of youth, as a self-sustaining platform that finances the necessary tools for the trade in a maximum of three months, which guarantees the return on investment to project other business ideas, which are also emerging as carpentry, blacksmithing, sewing, among others.

“Thanks to President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Víctor Clark, today we can see how these dreamers start their small businesses but with a view to growing and adding to the commercial formalization of the state,” he indicated.

Díaz highlighted that the plan was born from the need for young people between 18 and 30 years old to obtain the necessary tools to develop their skills and abilities through a productive profession.

For this reason, they proposed the program to the Bolivarian government, which in addition to financing provides comprehensive support for young people, as it allowed them to serve them in areas such as health, social and recreational matters.

“Everything arose from the premise that nothing is easy, but in revolution we have learned that a lot can be done with little and so we begin with little or nothing to build a great future,” he emphasized.

A training accompaniment

The regional coordinator of the Young Venezuela Mission, Layfrank Rocillo, pointed out that the children recruited in the territories through previous work together with the communal leadership, allowed them to learn about a persistent weakness in them, the lack of bank accounts, for which they carried out a banking day with Banco Bicentenario.

"Although they already carried out their jobs and generated income, they used the accounts of their parents or a family member, which is why we accompanied them in opening accounts, which will also help them in the future to qualify for larger loans," he said.

On the other hand, he emphasized that young people are also trained in essential areas such as financial independence, digital marketing, cost structures, in order to prepare them to maintain their sustainable businesses and grow economically.

“We have initial data from 300 young people from seven municipalities; Los Taques, Falcón, Carirubana, Miranda, Colina, Zamora, Tocópero and Píritu, but we are going to spread throughout the rest of the territory to reach more kids between 18 and 30 years old,” he alleged.

Committed young people

The entrepreneur from the Miranda municipality, Sinai Bracho, received a baking kit with which she hopes to promote her cookie sales.

“This is like a springboard for our future, creating our own businesses makes us contribute to the development of the country,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Edy Díaz, who benefited from a barber's kit, thanked the trust placed in the empowered youth who are not afraid to work and improve themselves in their country.

"We don't want to emigrate, we want to bring pigeon from our land, it's good that we have a government that understands us and supports us, now let's work hard because we aspire to many more," said the young man.

It is important to highlight the support in the activity of the coordinator of the Emprender Juntos movement, Carlos Paredes; the president of the Miranda municipality chamber, Denny Ávila; the regional coordinator of Somos Venezuela, Patricia Hansen, representatives of the Jpsuv and other social movements.

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