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Reactivation of pumping station impacts 1600 Falconians

The work of the 1x10 of the Good Government strengthens the piped water supply in the Falcón municipality

A total of 1600 inhabitants of the Falcón municipality (Pueblo Nuevo), in the north of the Paraguaná Peninsula, benefited from the rehabilitation of the drinking water Pumping Station, located in the El Azaro sector, after 18 years inoperative.

Governor Víctor Clark led the delivery of the recovered work with land leveling, construction of the perimeter fence, improvements to the storage tank, suction and discharge pipes, assembly of the electrical panel, internal and external lighting, placement transformer bank and maintenance of two 50 HP pumps.

“The effort and organized work of a good government gives wonderful results and hope is in the street when we see more active pumping stations, it is a firm and positive message that the reality in the communities has been transformed and here in the axis north of Paraguaná, one of the areas most affected by water shortages, there is proof of this,” he explained.

Clark, together with residents of Cayerúa, Buenevara and Azaro, indicated that the action was possible thanks to the report of 10 communal councils that uploaded the request in the 1×10 system of the Good Government and today obtained an effective response to access the vital liquid through pipeline.

In addition, he said that the goal for this year 2024 is to improve the piped water supply to Buena Vista, Santa Rita, as well as to the El Supí, Las Cumaraguas, Tiraya, El Vínculo and Adaure axis and thus reach 100 the installed capacity.

"Here we are fulfilling the people of Paraguay in a priority of public services such as drinking water (...) we achieved this commissioning of the station that receives water from Guacuira to respond to various communities that were inoperative due to different variables, we are overcoming the drought in this circuit,” he explained.

Likewise, he reported that a commercial office was also inaugurated at the location that covers all the administrative and collection operations of the Falcón municipality.

Reason why he highlighted that the built space complies with all the working conditions of air conditioning, lighting and equipment so that the workers offer a quality service to the inhabitants.

Grateful people

Representing the UBCh of the sector, Alicia Chirinos stated that after long years without having access to the vital liquid, today they celebrate the achievement thanks to the government of President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Víctor Clark.

“We feel very grateful for this work that motivates us to continue fighting for this humanist process during the elections of July 28 and for collective well-being to prevail,” he stated.

While the resident, Alicia Navas, added that everything achieved so far in water matters translates into the commitment that the authorities have to satisfy the needs of the people and ensure a good life.

“We have been waiting for this for a long time and we see how the efforts successfully complete this stage, now we trust that in a short time the water will be distributed in the missing communities,” he said.

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