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The 1×10 method assisted more than 10 thousand families in Punto Fijo

The national government together with the regional government provided responses in areas such as public services, health, social, education and health.

More than 1300 requests made through the 1×10 Good Government method obtained responses from the Bolivarian government of President Nicolás Maduro in the Norte parish of Punto Fijo (Carirubana municipality) of the Falcón state

For this reason, a comprehensive street government was deployed that was headed by Governor Víctor Clark Boscán, in which they offered improvements in areas such as public services, health, social, education and health, impacting about 10 thousand inhabitants. .

In this sense, he specified that in the Old Airport sector they placed 400 tons of asphalt on 13th Street to improve walkability, a fact that will be repeated in Sector 1, 2nd, 22nd, 14th, 2nd and 11th Streets.

Regarding the strengthening of the electrical service, he stated that they replaced four transformers, one in the Ramón Ruíz Polanco sector, another in the Parcelamiento and two in the Old Airport, exactly in sectors 5 and 7, which were prioritized by the communal leadership.

These works were accompanied by the placement of 700 luminaires with LED technology to improve public lighting and thus contribute to the generation of security in the sector.

Regarding health, Clark pointed out that various technical aids were delivered, including baskets, canes, wheelchairs, walkers, as well as medical supplies, social aid, and free medical evaluations with various specialists were offered.

A comprehensive approach that was accompanied by environmental sanitation and the activation of the Bricomiles in the clinics and schools in the area.

“We continue working hand in hand with the organized community, as the President instructed us, because we believe that the solution is in their hands, they know and direct the government's action, the people govern and we obey to provide solutions to the problems” , said.

Meanwhile, on Colina Street in the Nuevo Pueblo Sur sector, they replaced more than 90 meters of collectors in the sewage network and built 10 home embedments with the aim of improving service provision.

Recovery underway

The regional Executive also inspected the beginning of the work of the comprehensive intervention of the El Sabino core of the Francisco de Miranda National Experimental University (UNEFM) carried out by the Great Venezuela Bella Mission.

Together with the rector of UNEFM, Jougreidin Cerero, he indicated that the project began by stabilizing basic services, including the electrical system, drinking water, sewage network, bathrooms and other general repairs in both module G as in F.

“We are going through all the modules, classrooms, laboratories and other environments necessary to strengthen the acquisition of knowledge and the professionalization of students with the transformation of the internal and external spaces of the core,” he said.

Hope is in the street

The highest regional authority as líder The entity's politician closed the work agenda in Punto Fijo with a march alongside the bases of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole in the Bolívar neighborhood.

He expressed that the joy, enthusiasm and revolutionary commitment to support President Obrero is breathed in the hearts of the popular communities that are very clear about their leading role during the presidential elections on July 28.

“In the Carirubana parish, Hope is in the Street, a tremendous march in support of our candidate Nicolás Maduro in which it overflowed into the heart of the Bolivar neighborhood,” he noted.

For his part, Mayor Abel Petit reaffirmed the firm will to defend the sacred patriotic interests of independence, sovereignty and peace.

“With the strength of hope in the streets, in unity, struggle, battle and victory we will advance undefeated towards July 28 together with Governor Víctor Clark and the people of the Carirubana parish we march for the victory of President Maduro,” he emphasized.

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