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The electoral campaign day by day. July 10th

🗳️ 📌 Follow minute by minute with Últimas Noticias the incidents of the electoral campaign with our correspondents throughout the country.


Maduro in La Guaira on July 9, 2024

Crowd received Maduro in La Guaira

The presidential candidate for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Nicolás Maduro, visited the Maiquetía parish in the state of La Guaira on Tuesday night, where he called on all Venezuelans to unite to defend peace in the country.


Ecarri in Mamera on July 7

Ecarri toured communities in Maturín

The opposition candidate of the Lápiz party, Antonio Ecarri, visited the community of Villa La Valentía in Maturín, Monagas, on Tuesday night.

Surrounded by local residents, he invited all the candidates to tour the country to learn about the needs of the people.


Candidate Edmundo González visits Anzoátegui this Wednesday

The candidate of the Unitary Platform, Edmundo González, plans to visit the state of Anzoátegui this Wednesday.

According to information from the Democratic Unitary Platform, the activity is scheduled for 1 in the afternoon and the meeting point is in the vicinity of the union house.


They march in Cojedes in favor of the candidate of the Homeland

Residents of the Campo Alegre community, Ricaurte municipality, walked the streets in a march to support the candidate Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Next, PSUV structures approached various sectors to visit house to house and teach the population how to vote this 28J.


Candidate Martínez assures that he will govern without exclusions

The presidential candidate for Democratic Action and Copei, Luis Eduardo Martínez, published on his networks this Wednesday part of an interview he gave to a Unión Radio program in Puerto La Cruz, in which he points out that if he wins, he will govern without exclusions. He promises an economic miracle and assures that once he wins the sanctions will be lifted. Later, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic for AD and Copei, continued his campaign tour in the Anaco municipality of the Anzoátegui state, where in his contact with the population of that town, he stated that if he wins the elections he will take the country towards a economic miracle.


PSUV begins campaign in Tinaquillo municipality

Base structures of the PSUV in the Tinaquillo municipality, Cojedes, hold a meeting as part of the start of the electoral campaign in support of Nicolás Maduro.

In the activity, they proposed strategies to fine-tune the machinery that will guarantee the victory of peace this 28J.


AD does not support Edmundo González

This Wednesday, the general secretary of Democratic Action, Bernabé Gutiérrez, denied through your X account the versions that indicate that in the next few hours the candidate Luis Martínez will resign to support the candidacy of Edmundo González.
In a public letter to the adecos he says “do not fall into the trap of a campaign of despair orchestrated by the drones and corrupt of the Venezuelan extreme right, who no matter how much noise they have made, the numbers do not allow them to win the presidential elections on December 28. July".

12: 15pm

Copei promotes voting in Lara

The Copei leadership in Lara state this Wednesday promotes voting in the Pila De Montezuma Sector of Lara state.

12: 22pm

Claudio Fermín asks for the vote in Sucre

The presidential candidate for the Solutions for Venezuela party, Claudio Fermín, from the state of Sucre, requests the vote with humility, “to recover tourism, your vote for your children, for your family, a vote for a better life. Sucre here are my roots, I'm counting on you.

This is stated in his most recent publication on his X account.

12: 55pm

National spokesperson for the Venezuela Todo campaign command, Luis José Marcano

From house to house they carry a message of hope from Nicolás Maduro in Anzoátegui

In a day of house-to-house boarding called “Hope is in the street”, PSUV leaders deliver the letters sent by President Nicolás Maduro Moros in the 21 municipalities.

The national spokesperson for the Venezuela Todo campaign command, Luis José Marcano, directs the deployment so that each member of the electoral 1×10 receives the greeting.

Marcano said that the 1x10x7 Political Teams have toured the 53 parishes of the state evaluating and verifying the active political machinery.

1:00 pm

Candidate José Brito rejects violence

José Brito, candidate for the Presidency of Venezuela and first guest on the Venezuelan program news, Electoral Route, assured that he is concerned about the plans of violence that extremist sectors intend to undertake and insisted that political extremism must be put aside. “

1: 10pm

Ceballos urges to transform the fishing sector with technology

The presidential candidate of the Arepa party, Daniel Ceballos, urged to transform the fishing sector through the use of technology.

This was stated this Wednesday in his X account, in which he points out that in this way the economy is boosted.

2:00 pm

Psuv bases in Valera fine-tune machinery

The grassroots structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) of the Valera municipality of Trujillo state held a meeting this Wednesday at the La Floresta Misiones Base with the aim of fine-tuning the machinery towards the victory of candidate Nicolás Maduro in the elections. presidential elections on July 28.

During the assembly they evaluated the 1×10 and proposed organizational strategies in order to guarantee peace and citizen participation in the next elections.

2: 10pm

Clap de Monagas express their unrestricted support for Maduro's candidacy

The local supply and production committees (Clap) of Monagas expressed their unrestricted support for Nicolás Maduro's re-election candidacy.
Hermes Salazar, head of the Clap de Monagas, stated that Maduro is the one who has guaranteed food to the people.

3:30 pm

Candidate Edmundo González meeting in Anzoátegui

The candidate of the Unitary Platform, Edmundo González, is meeting with representatives of the political organizations that support his candidacy in the state of Anzoátegui.

The rally and march is planned at the Lechería cruise, at 4 in the afternoon this Wednesday, July 10.

3:55 pm

President inaugurated “La Mulata” aqueduct in Ureña

President Nicolás Maduro arrived in the area to open the water faucet which will benefit 100 thousand inhabitants between Ureña and San Antonio del Táchira, with 690 thousand liters per second of supply with the commissioning of the El Mesón aqueduct in the Bolívar municipality.

4:00 pm

Educational sector in the state of Sucre mobilized in support of Maduro

In the Bolívar municipality (Marigüitar), Sucre state; Teachers, workers and the entire educational sector of the jurisdiction mobilized this Wednesday, July 10, to support the candidacy of Nicolás Maduro, for the 2024 presidential elections scheduled for July 28.

The mobilization started from Plaza Mejía and culminated with a large concentration in the vicinity of the Marigüitar open gym.

4:00 pm

People of Carvajal in Trujillo marched in support of Nicolás Maduro

This Wednesday the revolutionary forces of the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality in the state of Trujillo mobilized in support of the re-election candidate Nicolás Maduro.

The march began from the La Matera sector of the Campo Alegre parish, where Governor Gerardo Márquez, the liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Pedro Carreño and the mayor of the town, Wilson Marín, accompanied the journey.

4:22 p.m.

Maduro candidate arrives in Capacho Viejo on his pilgrimage through the country

The candidate for re-election for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Nicolás Maduro arrived in Capacho Viejo, Táchira state as part of his pilgrimage through the country in the face of the great victory of the 28th. of July.

4:30 pm

In the capital of Tachira, candidate Maduro thanked the agricultural producers for their support

The candidate for reelection for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Nicolás Maduro, ascends the stage arranged in San Cristóbal, Táchira state, for a mass meeting with the people of Tachira. The candidate arrived holding the hand of his wife Cilia Flores and to the rhythm of the song “Nico Flow” he greeted those present. During the event, Maduro thanked the region's agricultural producers and businessmen for their support in moving the country forward during the shortages caused by the impact of the sanctions.

4:30 pm

Osvaldo Zamora, president of ORA, speaks on behalf of the party's militancy and supports Maduro. Photo: VTV

ORA Party in Zulia gives its support to Nicolás Maduro 

The militants of the political organization ORA and its president Osvaldo Zamora, gave their support to the candidacy of the re-election candidate, Nicolás Maduro, for the upcoming elections on June 28.

Zamora said that the ORA militancy, represented in the Christian town, adds important efforts to the electoral contest in an active and firm manner.

4:40 pm

In Tumeremo the people defend their hope 

The popular, communal, mining and motorized forces of Tumeremo, in the Sifontes municipality, walked the streets to the rhythm of calypso to ratify their absolute support for the re-election of the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro and in turn ensure that they will defend with their votes the achievements obtained.

4:45 pm

San Cristóbal receives the candidate Nicolás Maduro. Photo: Presidential Press

People of San Cristóbal joyfully receive the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro

The candidate for re-election of the PSUV and the Great Patriotic Pole, Nicolás Maduro, was received by the people of San Cristóbal, Táchira state.

Nicolás Maduro urged Venezuelans to consciously exercise their right to vote next June 28

4:30 pm

Presidential candidate, José Brito holds a meeting with the population of Cumaná

The candidate for the Primero Venezuela party, José Brito, was received this Wednesday by the people of Cumaná, Sucre state.  

Also during an interview on Globovisión, he described as a serious mistake that the presidential candidates, Edmundo González Urrutia and Enrique Márquez, have not signed the agreement to respect the electoral results, during an interview on Globovisión.

5:10 pm

Revolutionary forces from Yaracuy reinforce machinery in the Veroes municipality

The revolutionary people of the Veroes municipality, in Yaracuy, held a massive march in Farriar this Wednesday, in support of the re-election of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, and in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, in which the joy of the participants overflowed several streets in the town.

The regional liaison of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) of Yaracuy, Julio León, in the company of the local leadership of the allied parties, led the meeting between drum dances, songs and the passion of a brave people who honored the name they gives his eponym, José Joaquín Veroes, a patriot who gave his life for his country.

5:30 pm

With an atmosphere of joy, the Caripe municipality marches in favor of the gallo pinto, Nicolas Maduro. Photo: Instagram Ernesto Luna

Two municipalities of Monagas march in support of Maduro

The municipalities of Caripe and Sotillo, with a burning sun, marched with joy and commitment to support Gallo Pinto, this Wednesday, July 10, in the afternoon.

Sotillo mobilized from Francisco Fajardo Avenue, in front of the Luisa Caceres de Arismendi Educational Unit to Street A, Barrancos Sector 1 in front of Plaza Bolívar of the Los Barrancos de Fajardo parish. Meanwhile, Caripe marched from Callejón San José.

6:00 pm

Nueva Esparta marches to support Maduro

In the Macanao Peninsula the people marched to support Nicolás Maduro

From the Macanao Peninsula, in the state of Nueva Esparta, the militancy took to the streets of Boca del Río to express their resounding support for the candidacy of Nicolás Maduro for the elections on July 28.

The activity was led by the PSUV Liaison in the island entity, Giuseppe Alessandrello, together with the members of the Venezuela Nuestra Command.

Alessandrello emphasized that the candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole, Nicolás Maduro, is a guarantee of peace, hope and social transformation.

6:00 pm

Tucupid proved to be red territory 

In Tucupido they took to the streets in support of Maduro's candidacy

Militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Guárico, marched this Wednesday in the streets of Tucupido, in support of the president and presidential candidate Nicolás Maduro.

The great red tide traveled the route that goes from the Setúbal shopping center to Gabante street, to demonstrate with love and joy, its loyalty and commitment to the Bolivarian project 

6:55 p.m.

Javier Bertucci announced his campaign tour

The evangelical candidate Javier Bertucci displayed information on his social networks about the states he plans to visit for his campaign in the next 48 hours. Proclaiming as a message that better days will soon come, he announced that today he will be in Cumaná and tomorrow he will meet with his followers in Valle de la Pascua, Guárico

7:00 pm

Candidate Edmundo González presented his government offer in Anzoátegui

Candidate of the Unitary Platform encouraged Anzoatiguenses to vote this 28J

At the Lechería intersection, Urbaneja municipality of Anzoátegui state, the presidential candidate of the opposition republic, Edmundo González, presented his government plan, accompanied by regional leaders.

González toured the Jorge Rodríguez intercommunal avenue at the start of his campaign in Oriente to reach a platform and invite his followers “to vote for respect and dignity”, to join the commandos and take care of the vote this July 28.

7:40 pm

The candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro arrived in Barinas

The candidate for reelection for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Nicolás Maduro arrived in Barinas as part of his pilgrimage across the country ahead of the great victory on July 28.

Likewise, the candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole also warned that the extremist right "are preparing for dirty things, dark things" in the face of the electoral process.

Enrique Márquez says that politics does not end on June 28

Enrique Márquez attended an interview for a media with an opposition tendency, from where he assured that politics does not end on July 28, because after that day we must move forward on behalf of everyone as Venezuelans. He indicated that the result does not matter but the need to find solutions to lift the country.

10:10 p.m.

Benjamin Rausseo did not carry out campaign events this Wednesday, June 10

The candidate of the Conde party did not carry out any proselytizing act this Wednesday, as reported in the media and on social networks, as part of his campaign. The most recent activity was carried out last Tuesday, when he gave an interview to an audiovisual media

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