They will present a draft of the Public Procurement Bill to the AN

The National Government will present to the National Assembly the bill of public purchases, in order to boost national production, encouraging the purchase of national products.

The information was provided by the vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, who stressed that “the State will have the obligation to promote national purchase against imported products: first, what was done in Venezuela, national products. Venezuela must open processes for the purchase of goods and make their products such as Plan Z available to the Venezuelan State to boost national production. "

He added that “with the public procurement law we are going to privilege national production and we can allow vulnerable sectors to have access to footwear. In 2020 we announced this protection for SMEs, which consists of the exemption of registrations in both the Mercantile Registry and the Saren. Thanks to this measure, some 7 new small and medium-sized companies were born. You know that one of the exempted sectors has to do with food and medicine. It has been promoted that these small companies have the privilege not only of the exemption of both mercantile and Saren registries, but also the payment of Income Tax (ISLR) when they do not exceed 657 petros per year ”.

He then said that in 2021, 3.581 small and medium-sized companies have been registered in the midst of the pandemic to maintain an entry mechanism and “there has been a lot of creativity in these small entrepreneurs that President Nicolás Maduro has decided to keep them during the year 2021 and even three months after there is true control of the pandemic ”.



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