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Venezuelan Banking Association appoints José Nogueroles as executive president

The Banking Association of Venezuela appointed José María Nogueroles López as executive president on Monday, a figure that was incorporated into the partial reform carried out to the general statutes of the institution.

This is indicated by the Venezuelan News Agency according to a note published on the Banca y Negocios portal, where it is detailed that the decision was agreed in the ordinary general assembly held this Tuesday, where the members of the Board of Directors were also appointed for the period 2021-2022.

Nogueroles López has a "recognized career in the Venezuelan financial sector for many years, in addition to having been president of the Board of Directors of the Banking Association during the period 1994-1998 and enjoying the trust of associates in the banking sector," he says. the Banking and Business note.

The newly elected Board of Directors is made up of Nelson Acosta Bracho (first vice president), Agustín Antón Burgos (second vice president), José Grasso Vecchio (third vice president), Juan Carlos Dao Yanes (fourth vice president), Jorge Luis Nogueroles García (director), Víctor Vargas Irausquín (director), César Navarrete Riobueno (director), Fortunato Benacerraf Saias (director), Michel Goguikian (director), Luis Eduardo Pérez Figueroa (director), Octavio Maza Duerto (director) and María Isabel López Salgado (director).

Meanwhile, the Ethics Commission was made up of Jorge Luis Nogueroles García (president), Arístides Maza Tirado (member), Nelson Acosta Bracho (member), Agustín Antón Burgos (member), José Grasso Vecchio (member), Juan Carlos Dao Yanes (vocal) and Luis Eduardo Pérez Figueroa (vocal).