TSJ reinstated the collection of taxes in 14 municipalities

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice authorized the collection of taxes in 14 of the 365 municipalities of the country, according to the ruling No. 0161, drawn up by the magistrate Arcadio Delgado Rosales.  

The collection of taxes by all the municipalities of Venezuela has been suspended since July 7 by order of the Constitutional Chamber, whose magistrates considered that these municipal ordinances establish the creation of tax and sanctioning fiscal value units anchored in a exchange market different from that regulated by the Central Bank of Venezuela and not contemplated in the Constitution, as determined in judgment 0078. They alluded to the parallel dollar.  

On that occasion, the Constitutional Chamber ordered Tareck El Aissami, Sectorial Vice President of the Economic area, so that, together with the governors, mayors and the head of government of the Capital District, form a technical table in order to coordinate the parameters within the which will exercise their tax authority, in particular, to harmonize what is referred to the tax rates and aliquots of taxes.  

In response to this mandate, last week, El Aissami sent to the Constitutional Chamber 14 municipal ordinances corresponding to the same number of municipalities that have already harmonized their tax collections, taking into account “the appropriate proportion, agreement and correspondence of the different tax items, in order to avoid excesses of the tax burden ”.  

The Chamber evaluated the documentation sent by El Aissami and validated the 14 approved municipal ordinances. Consequently, it lifted the suspension that weighed on those municipalities to collect taxes. The remaining 351 municipalities are in the process of adapting their local laws to comply with the parameters dictated by the Constitutional Chamber.  

These are the 14 municipalities that can already collect taxes. 

  1. Maneiro (New Sparta)  
  2. Sucre (Miranda)  
  3. Chacao (Miranda)  
  4. Guaicaipuro (Miranda)  
  5. Zamora (Miranda)  
  6. Vargas (La Guaira)  
  7. Libertador (Capital District)  
  8. Valencia (Carabobo)  
  9. Los Guayos (Carabobo)  
  10. Girardot (Aragua)  
  11. Caroní (Bolívar)  
  12. White Lima (Cojedes)  
  13. White Water (Portuguese)  
  14. Sucre (Portuguese)

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