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Supermarket Association reports consumption growth in 2022

"We continue on the path of understanding that Venezuela is going forward" said Ítalo Atencio

The president of the National Association of Supermarkets and Self-services (ANSA), Ítalo Atencio, reported this Friday that between January and April 2022 there was a growth in consumption of 4%, maintaining the trend of the year 2021.

During an interview on Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), Atencio explained that "between January-April 2022, there was growth in consumption by 4%, the trend of the previous year 2021 was maintained."

Offering a balance of the first six months of the year 2022, the President of ANSA specified: «January-December 2021 and 2020 consumption had grown 7,4%, that is, the first finding of January-April remained that growth trend to 4%.”

Likewise, he indicated that for the months of "May-June we noticed a slowdown in this growth trend, since there was an inflation that was reported by various institutions."

"Someone spoke of May was 10% and June 12 or 13%, we believe that what happened was that the General Tax on Large Financial Transactions impacted the economy," he added. In addition, he stated that "whenever there is a tax, the economic agent protects himself, because he does not know where he is going."

“This tax has an issue that must be reviewed and that we have alerted, that for example if we sell to a friend, I sell to you, you to Pedro, each one has foreign exchange operations and that tax is multiplied. In other words, in the end, an increase in prices can be generated, which in fact is seen in the economy », he emphasized.

Venezuela goes forward

For Atencio, the expectations of the sector in this semester 2022 were met, but «we were concerned that the May-June trend would continue, July fell and revisions are being made. If they happen, the year will end as we said at the beginning: it has been a very good year.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the tax issue needs harmonization, and stressed that "we continue on the path of understanding that Venezuela is going forward, a path that no one is going to stop."

This perception, Atencio said, “we see it in each state that we visit, and when you ask in each region, two questions, how is the country? For the most part, people say that they are going to be better and the optimism and work of the people is noticeable; with the question how is the country going to be? The answer is even better.


  1. implant an awareness of consuming our food our things and that I extract them from basic and opportunistic companies do not take the country away from us

  2. Let's go forward as they say in the Llano, Venezuela needs everyone to boost the economy and improve the lives of all Venezuelans

  3. Of course! As we become AWARE that VENEZUELA has what it takes and we put emphasis on collective work, we will overcome all adversities and WE WILL ACHIEVE the economic and political stability that we need to have a better quality of life.

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