Sundde adjusts prices in shops and confirms biosecurity standards

This week of flexibility, commercial activity in the country is reactivated

The National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde), an entity attached to the Ministry of People's Power for National Commerce, carried out a series of inspections in several businesses in the country this Monday to apply the price adjustment for presenting higher profit margins to that established in the Organic Law of Fair Prices (LOPJ) and to verify compliance with the mandatory Biosafety measures.

Through his official account of the social network twitter @MinCoNacional he wrote: "Sundde applied preventive measures and adjusted prices in shops in the country."

Next, in another tweet the deployment of public servants in the state of Barinas is reported, to also verify compliance with the Organic Law of Fair Prices, highlighting that the biosafety protocols were also verified in authorized establishments.

According to the entity, the officials and prosecutors of the entities attached to the Ministry for National Commerce have maintained constant supervision in the different businesses so that the established norms are complied with, prevent economic illicit such as speculation, hoarding, from being committed. usury, cartelization, and other related crimes.



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