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Public services can be paid with petros through the PetroApp

With the PetroApp, it will be possible to acquire a giftcard for streaming platforms.

Public services can be paid, from this moment, with petros through the Petro App, after its update, reported the National Superintendent of Cryptoactives of Venezuela, Joselit Ramírez.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, the superintendent explained that, in the app, the payment options for the telephone service are available, as well as the possibility of canceling mobile telephone services.

"You can now pay for your telephone services with petros, recharging the balance of Movistar, Digitel, residential and business CANTV, as well as Inter Prepaid and Postpaid," he wrote on the social network.

Similarly, satellite television services are incorporated into the payment in petros: SimpleTV, satellite CANTV, Inter Prepago and Postpago.

The app was also updated for payment in stores.

"PetroPago has been simplified and you can buy, sell and generate payment requests in PTR, using QR technology, turning each mobile device into a point of sale and the PTR into a means of payment", explained the superintendent.

Gift Card payment

With the update of the Petro App, users will be able to purchase gift cards, better known giftcard; for streaming platforms and digital purchases.

The app will also allow the exchange of petros with other crypto assets, such as bitcoin, litecoin and dash.