Scale to protect insurance policies for patients with covid-19

The Minister of People's Power for National Commerce, Eneida Laya, reported this Thursday that in order to protect the Venezuelan people from the covid-19 pandemic, her office maintains rally tables with the country's economic sectors.

Through her account on the social network Twitter, she reported that she met with representatives of insurance companies in the country, as part of the response to the people for the complaints received.

"We maintain the consultation tables with different economic sectors, today we held a meeting with the representatives of the country's insurance companies, as part of the response to the people for the complaints received."

She added that a scale created to protect the insurance policies of patients was presented, to serve as a guide and avoid distortions. "We have listened to the concerns and requirements, the goal is to continue attending and taking care of health."

She explained that they agreed to hold a videoconference with the clinics to do an analysis and maintain care for patients with covid-19.



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