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Eastern Production increases gas compression capacity

This increase improves the conditions to incorporate 3 thousand barrels per day to crude oil production in that area of ​​the country.

With a view to incorporating 3 thousand barrels per day and strengthening crude oil production, the Eastern Production Executive Directorate reactivated the C400-1D and C400-2A compression train of the Furrial Gas Injection Plant, located in the north of the Monagas state.

According to information from the state oil company, the work was led by the Operational Maintenance, Gas and Water Plants management departments belonging to the Furrial Division, in an articulated work that allowed major maintenance to the reciprocating and centrifugal units of this injection train, whose operation raises the levels of installation reliability.

The Furrial Gas Injection Plant “is fundamental within the entire production process, since it provides stability to the injection system as well as the Gas Artificial Lift (LAG) network. For us it is an achievement that will contribute to the production quotas, in the division and the DEPO,” said Cruz López, manager of Gas and Water Plants Furrial Division.

Local labor, including instrumentalists, mechanics and electricians, were part of this project that represents an important challenge for the working class in its objective of promoting the optimal development of operations.

In turn, start-up tests were carried out to corroborate the efficiency of the unit, according to what was reported by Anabhell Marcano, Operational Maintenance Manager, Furrial Division.

This injection train, one of the four that make up IGF in its entirety, supports, together with the LAG Plant, a production of 45 thousand barrels of crude oil per day from the El Furrial field, which are raised to the surface from a strategic area for the Nation, not only for its crude oil reserves, but also for the use of associated gas resources used in secondary recovery processes.

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