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Oscar Ronderos: Venezuela will target the western market

He assured that the country is a safe provider

The vice president of the Permanent Commission on Energy and Petroleum of the National Assembly, Óscar Ronderos, reported that after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, "Venezuela is once again seen as a safe supplier of supplies such as oil, gas, energy for the world, which allows the resumption of the western markets that it had before the package of sanctions imposed by the United States”.

He said that since parliament important steps have been taken for the growth of the country's economy, an example of this has been the recently approved Organic Law of Special Economic Zones, the installation of the various parliamentary friendship groups with the countries, among which is the Federative Republic of Brazil, in addition to the Eurasian nations.

“To this is added the intention of the Government of Spain, under the presidency of Pedro Sánchez, to acquire Venezuelan crude, the various meetings held within the framework of the dialogue with the United States for the lifting of sanctions, the triumph of Gustavo Petro in Colombia and re-establish diplomatic and commercial relations and the bonds of brotherhood”.

The also representative of Venezuela to Parlasur asserted that "we are in a new stage in the country that is advancing consistently to strengthen and achieve the normalization of relations with the world."

He stated that the approach of the United States government towards Venezuela is one more step because "we have the complete right to sell our oil without any blockade or sanction."


  1. Due to the circumstances of the war, the West and Russia; we resumed our role in the energy market, with all its imperatives beyond internal conflicts, we all must focus on raising our production and thus be able to compete on an equal footing with the others. energy operators and pick up our economy.

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