More than 854 billion bolivars collects the Seniat by ISLR

The National Integrated Service of Customs and Tax Administration (Seniat) collected a total of 854 billion 223 billion 65 million bolivars, equivalent to 7.710.653 petros, during the first quarter of this year.

The information was released on Twitter by the president of Seniat, José David Cabello, taking stock of the day for collecting this tax that ended this Wednesday.

He explained that only in the month of March, the collection by ISLR reached 120 billion 479 billion 486 million 223 thousand 617 bolivars (1.087.509 petros), while for VAT the sum was 140 billion 142 billion 190 million 337 thousand 907 bolivars , (1.264.995 petros).

In other internal income, 111 billion 383 billion 606 million 915 thousand 804 bolivars (1.005.405 petros) were obtained.

For customs purposes, 24 trillion 654 billion 834 million 877 thousand 169 bolivars (222.547 petros) were received.



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