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Maduro: “With a diversified economy we will continue doing a lot with little”

The president indicated that the application of tax justice is necessary to give continuity to social programs.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, indicated that to provide continuity to production and wealth generation projects, the implementation of a revolutionary tax justice system is necessary. “Whoever earns more, contributes more,” said the president, explaining that the proceeds will continue to be invested in the social area.

The country's highest political authority highlighted that tax justice is one of the aspects that leverage the construction of a diversified economy, which will strengthen the path towards the eradication of the rentier economy.

“The country grows, produces and that wealth goes directly to schools, high schools, education, health, to building homes, to people's lives,” said the head of state when referring to the momentum that is experiencing our economy. “We will continue to do a lot with little,” he reiterated.

“We have to build 2 million homes by 2030 together with popular power,” the president proposed, while reflecting on the need to continue injecting resources into social plans.

“Or do we stop building homes, stop repairing schools, hospitals, do we stop 1×10?” the president asked himself, and then responded along with those who accompanied him in the renovated “Mariano Picón Salas” National Educational Unit, that They will renounce these social policies.

“Let us continue on the path of 1×10, of the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health, making the miracle of the rebirth of all public institutions: schools, high schools, universities,” highlighted the president.

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