Maduro: we are going to boost the 100% productive economy

"We are going to promote a 100% productive economy to consolidate the virtuous cycle of the country," said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, during a working day dedicated to the agricultural sector to boost national production and exports.

He reiterated the call for the country to build a new economy that meets the internal needs of Venezuelans. "We are seeing the short term of the ventures but we are going to strengthen national production," said Maduro.

"Venezuela has to build a new economy not dependent on oil income, fully diversified, fully productive that meets the internal needs of the Venezuelan people, but also has an export vocation," said Maduro.

He added, "today a productive, creative and entrepreneurial force has awakened that places Venezuela in a situation of great hope, of economic growth in this year 2021."

He recalled that this Tuesday, the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, met with Fedecámaras to promote national production in the country. "We met with Fedecámaras to start a new stage of dialogue in the country," he said.

“We have two firm intentions to satisfy the internal needs of the country and to advance in the export vocation. We are exporting 13 thousand animals, we are in charge of promoting the agricultural sector, it does not matter from which political sector we are, the important thing is to be united among all the sectors that take the country forward, "said Maduro.

He pointed out that the goal is proposed for 30 years, “we have our sights set on the medium and long term. Looking towards 30 years, with a fully productive economy that meets the needs of the family and has an export vocation, that achieves wealth in the world to bring it to Venezuela, invest it and create a virtuous circle of production and wealth of a new country, of a country of productive work, that greens and grows ”, he said.

He recalled that animal protein must be guaranteed to the people through the Local Supply and Production Committee (Clap), "let no one divert us, we have to produce and produce, we are going to get hooked on work,

"We have to guarantee our people all the animal protein through the CLAPs."

Attack on the Venezuelan people

The Head of State made a parenthesis to denounce what was an attempt to inject hatred in the Fedecámaras Assembly, with a letter read by an unknown priest on behalf of the Vatican's Foreign Minister in Venezuela, Pietro Parolin.

He considered that said letter was not actually from the Vatican Chancellor, and showed his suspicion of an attempt to involve a high Vatican official in a meeting of private Venezuelan businessmen with the National Government.

"I believe that he did not send that," considered the Venezuelan president about the alleged letter from Parolin, who has a lot of work in Rome to be worrying about businessmen meeting in Fedecámaras, but he also threw the hot ball so that he would agree to respond to those who say that he wrote the poisoned missive, ”he said.

Bancoex has financed $ 2.400 million

On the occasion of celebrating the 25 years of the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex), its president Guillermo Lara, participated in the activity, ensuring that during those 25 years of the Bank's work, more than 2 billion dollars have been managed, and It has had an impact of 400 from non-traditional exports, which indicates that for each container financed by the Bank, 15.3 containers are dislodged.

During the event, different entrepreneurs presented the products they process to boost national production, such as coffee, rum and cocoa.

Several brands and products were presented that have obtained national recognition for their high quality, with the support of the Instituto Marca País.

The Country Brand Institute is an entity attached to the Ministry of the Popular Power of Tourism and Foreign Trade, and is of a public-private nature. It was created in February 2019 for the development of trade and tourism, with the coordination and planning of international activities that give value to Venezuelan products and identity.



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