Installed I Business Roundtable Miranda Produce

In the image, the governor of the state of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, sharing with businessmen in the region. Photo: Government of Miranda Press

This Thursday the I Business Roundtable of the Miranda Produce system was installed, for the promotion, dissemination and commercialization of raw materials, supplies and finished products of the Miranda industries.

The governor of the entity, Héctor Rodríguez, said that this business space, which will be open to the public this Thursday and Friday in the Sambil shopping center, in the Chacao municipality, was created as a platform for small and large merchants to get to know each other among themselves, in addition to making Miranda's productive potential known to the entire country, a press release refers.

“We are convinced that the country's problems are solved by producing in Venezuela and trusting in our capabilities. All these businessmen have stayed in difficult times and that is a sign of the love they have for the country, "said the regional president, while inviting the population to visit the business conference so that they can learn about the Miranda industry and production that bet to recover the economy of the country.

For his part, Orlando Camacho, president of Fedeindustria, highlighted the importance of the First Business Roundtable of the Miranda Produce system. «It is an opportunity for businessmen and industrialists to engage commercially to supply the national market. This meeting will allow to increase sales by the end of the year and satisfy consumer needs (…) and promote solutions to have a more prosperous economy ”, he assured.

Likewise, the Secretary of Industry and Commerce of the Government of Miranda, Josué Madriz, said that industries from the textile, footwear and food sectors, among others, are participating in this event. "Here they will get raw materials, supplies and finished products, the Business Roundtable allows synergy between the Mirandian industry and that of other states of the country to locate national products of excellent quality at a very good price," he said.

Miranda Produce's policy is the technological development for the progressive substitution of the importation of raw materials and supplies, for which the regional Executive carries out actions such as the Business Roundtable to recognize the potentialities among the same industries so that they complement each other.

Orlando Camacho, president of Fedeindustria participated in the activity



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