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Hyundai presents its first electric vehicle in Venezuela

The 100% electric crossover has a range of up to 300 km in its 39 km/h version

MMC Automotriz SA, through its Hyundai brand, presented its first 1005 electric vehicle in the country, the Hyundai Kona 2022, a crossover SUV that will be available for sale through its Hyundai dealer network nationwide.

The electric Kona model is a second-generation SUV crossover vehicle, which is already available in the Venezuelan market in its 39,2 KWH and 64 KWH versions upon request (6 months). It is a zero emission vehicle which offers a new and different driving experience.

The vehicle is front-wheel drive and is equipped with a 135 Hp engine and a powerful torque of 395 Nm that take it from 0 to 100 Kph in just 9,9 seconds and a range of 305 km for its 39,2-inch version. 201 Kw/H and 484 Hp with a range of 64 km for the XNUMX Kw/H version, both with a lithium polymer battery.

The battery can be charged directly through connection to a 110V outlet with the vehicle's built-in charger, which will fully charge in approximately 6 hours.

Hernan Mena, marketing manager, commented that there are many plans to incorporate the industrial charging system, with which the vehicle would charge in just 45 minutes. Hyundai dealers are expected to invest in this regard to offer their customers this possibility.

Its electric motor does not require engine or transmission oil changes. It also does not require maintenance since it does not have special hydraulic circuits or valves, as occurs in a conventional automatic transmission.

The vehicle has regenerative brakes, the braking energy is used to recharge the battery and extend autonomy

In addition to the news of the new product Hyundai in Venezuela, José Vicente Gómez, commercial vice president, announced the financing alternative through the network of authorized dealers, a service that will come into force on July 15 in an official communication with the pertinent information on requirements and modalities, thus giving purchase opportunities and facilities to users for the acquisition of their Hyundai Model in the country.

This new model of the South Korean brand will have an estimated value of US$ 66.000, plus taxes, Mena mentioned. The vehicles may be requested and some dealers will have stock to offer to those interested.

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