Head of State asks to regularize Diesel distribution in the country

In the image, President Nicolás Maduro during the productive Wednesday day in Caracas. Photo: Presidential Press

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ordered this Wednesday the regularization of Diesel in the country. He instructed a 60-day plan to regularize the distribution of hydrocarbons for the agri-food sector, those in charge of executing this plan are the ministers Tareck El Aissami and Wilmar Castro Soteldo.

The Dignitary reported that “the refineries are already at a high level of recovery. We recovered three and we are producing again ”.

During the day of productive Wednesday, Maduro argued that Venezuela has been prohibited from importing any input that has to do with the oil industry.

“There are terrorist groups only dedicated to sabotaging the country's refinery centers. We have them producing again ”, he denounced.

Likewise, the Venezuelan President ordered to work tirelessly to guarantee financial, logistical and technological support to Productive Venezuela. "The destiny of Venezuela is marked: from our hands the country will rise again!"

He pointed out that the goal is economic prosperity, "that is how we have it in the Plan for the Homeland and we must make all the adjustments to make this a reality."



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