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Fishermen and fish farmers in Aragua receive microfinancing

Members of the Councils of Fishermen and Fishermen, Fish Farmers and Fish Farmers (Conppa) were benefited

To boost the country's fishing activity, the Bolivarian Government, through the Ministry of People's Power for Fisheries and Aquaculture (Minpesca), delivered 94 microfinances to members of the Fishermen's and Fishermen's Councils, Fish Farmers and Fish Farmers (Conppa) that operate in the coastal axis of Aragua.

Minpesca through its account on the social network Twitter, @Minpescave2, reported: "The Bolivarian Government delivered 94 microfinances to 10 Conppa of the coastal axis of Aragua."

The event was held in the La Boca sector, Costa de Oro municipality, where 10 of these organizations were favored with tools such as hooks, nylons, and ropes, which will be used to repair their fishing gear and engines (pistons, propellers, and rollers). ).

It was possible to know that 86 men and 10 women fishermen, will be able to strengthen the task, which uses fishing gear such as rope, longline, seine and pot to capture species such as horse mackerel, tuna, bonito, cojinúa, bonefish, among others.

This day was carried out thanks to President Nicolás Maduro, who is committed to working hand in hand with the fishing people to relaunch the economy in the new era, post-oil rentism.


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