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Deputies work with governors in favor of ZEE

Vielma Mora indicated that the ZEE is: creativity, capacity, innovation to place products abroad

The deputy to the National Assembly and member of the Permanent Commission of Economy, Finance and National Development, José Gregorio Vielma Mora, announced that yesterday, Wednesday, the exploratory tour began through the destinations where the first Special Economic Zones (ZEE) promulgated and decreed by President Nicolás Maduro last productive Wednesday.

"The head of state has demanded that the law not remain on paper, but that we deputies accompany the master plan of the governorates where the Special Economic Zones are located." He explained that yesterday the delegation arrived in Paraguaná at 9:00 in the morning.

“Today we will be in the state of La Guaira where we will hold the work tables with the governor José Alejandro Terán, on Friday we will visit the state of Carabobo and on Saturday Nueva Esparta to exchange, explore, make a perfect scaffolding of the structure of the law so that the private sector and public officials understand that the SEZ pushed and raised an extraordinary productive economy in countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and converted them with this instrument of lifting people out of poverty and transforming their nations into productive countries for the market international".

He indicated that the Special Economic Zones are creativity, capacity, innovation to place products abroad that will guarantee lasting economic independence over time.

Vielma Mora assured that with the activation of the Special Economic Zones, a phase of arduous study begins on issues such as the stock market, flexibility in managing foreign currency, financing mechanisms, "every time you study SEZ in the world, what do you He says? industry, industrial parks, knowledge is important so that we all have the ability to advance and consolidate goals”.


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