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Conindustria: industrial sector grew 16,9% in the first quarter

Luigi Pisella pointed out that industrialists have growth expectations of 8,8% for 2024

The president of Conindustria, Luigi Pisella, pointed out that the industrial sector had a growth of 16,9% during the first quarter of 2024, compared to 2023.

This was stated in an interview with VTV, in which he highlighted that two sectors have had sustained growth since 2021.

In this sense, he specified that since 2021 the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry have registered sustained growth.

"Of all (sectors), the average income we have, 60% is directed toward food and personal care, in second place," he said, "the field of health is focused."

National Production

Pisella, who pointed out that we must advance in national production, indicated that “synonymous with national production is well-being, it is tax collection, which has increased by 74%.

He stated that “the outlook is good, because the industrial They have growth expectations of 8,8% for 2024.”

On the other hand, Pisella indicated that the exchange with Colombia has experienced significant progress, and work is currently being done to improve the competitiveness of the industry to generate jobs and recover the purchasing power of the Venezuelan people.

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