Banks will not provide service for two days to adjust currency

The Superintendency of Institutions of the Banking Sector (Sudeban) and the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), with the assistance of the Vice Minister of Digital Economy, Banking, Insurance and Securities, Román Maniglia, held a working meeting this Tuesday, September 07 with the actors of the public and private banks and payment operators of the country, in order to evaluate the percentage of progress of the project for the new monetary expression and define the adequacy of the technological systems for the coming October 01.

The Superintendent, Cnel. Antonio Morales, reported that banking institutions will not provide regular service to the public at their headquarters, agencies, branches, offices and ticket offices on Thursday, September 30 and Friday, October 01, 2021. However, he pointed out that Banking Institutions must maintain full-time technical staff necessary in all the areas involved to materialize such adaptation, in order to avoid incidents during the processes of suspension and reactivation of services.

Similarly, he stressed the obligation of all institutions to provide timely and adequate information to all users in relation to the process of the New Monetary Expression, as well as the need to guarantee the use of ATMs, internet banking , banking and digital payment services such as interbank mobile payment P2P, P2C and C2P for non-business days, refers a press release.

For his part, the President of the Banking Association of Venezuela, José María Nogueroles thanked the Circular SIB-DSB-CJ-OD-07372, which sets two non-working days so that the entire system can be adequately coupled to the new monetary expression.

The representative of Banco Mercantil, Nelson Acosta, indicated that the bank carried out the necessary tests and adjustments for the process in order to minimize risks and ensure that the execution is cleaner, so they wait for comprehensive tests to guarantee success of the new monetary expression. Likewise, José Grasso Vecchio, President of Banesco, indicated that they have carried out the general exploratory tests to detect failures and a general drill was carried out that will be repeated soon, so they consider that they are ready to meet the date indicated for the new monetary expression .

On the part of the public banks, José Javier Morales, President of the Banco de Venezuela, reported that they have been working on their planning to carry out in the shortest possible time what is related to the new monetary expression, in which they have an advance of more than 70% which has made it possible to resolve any incidents that may arise.

With these actions, Sudeban seeks to guarantee the people in a timely, effective and precise manner, the proper functioning of the various electronic payment channels in view of the entry into force of the new monetary expression in accordance with the instructions of the Constitutional President, Nicolás Maduro. Moros, heading to the 100 percent digital economy.



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